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Joe.gif Joe

High Concept: Hired Gun with Morals
Trouble: Professional Paranoia

Passive Warrior ...
Troubled Past ...
Split Soul ...
Innocent Eyes OR Moral Persuasion ...


  • needs a casting image
  • I'd prefer we tweak "troubled past" aspect.
  • Only one of two Guest Star stories gets kept/aspect selected.
  • Determine past lives from Old Soul
  • Zealot wording.
  • possessions
  • flashback scene and stimulus
  • important possessions



Strength 4 — Dexterity 4 — Constitution 4 — Intelligence 2 — Perception 4+1=5 — Willpower 2


Life Points 42 — Endurance 40 — Speed 16 — Essence 27
Consciousness/Survival 6/8 — Initiative 4 (see combat Sense power)
Essence Recovery Rate 3/min


  • Acting 1
  • Brawling 2
  • Dodge 2
  • Escapism 1
  • First Aid 1
  • Guns (Rifle) 1
  • Guns (Submachine) 1
  • Hand Weapon (Sword) 1
  • Intimidation 1
  • Notice 2
  • Sport (Pro Wrestling) 1
  • Stealth 2
  • Surveillance 1
  • Survival (Arctic) 1
  • Swimming 1
  • Tracking 2
  • Traps 1


Accursed -- 1 point
Bad weather intensifies around him.
Body Double
You have an evil twin (or look-alike) out there, related to your career somehow.
Dependent (Joseph)
Joseph is a possible target; someone who needs to be protected.
Flashbacks -- Mild -- 1
When meeting stimulus, encounter fear at -2 and suffer its effects.
Honorable -- Serious
Do not lie, betray, etc -- to anyone. Do your best to keep any promises and do not willingly betray trust. (May be reluctant to give word in the first place.) Cheating, ambushing, taking an unarmed but known problematic person are okay.
Obligation (Army Vet) -- Serious
You're expected to risk your life for the organization if requested.
Psychological Problems (Zealot) -- Serious
This problem affects your daily life and anyone who knows you at least suspects it. A willpower check at -2 might be attempted to resist it.
You have a belief so strong that it dominates your life and behavior. You're willing to sacrifice things or even break laws in order to uphold that ideal. (Belief: Doing good/saving people/???.)
Sleep Problems (Recurring Nightmares)
Your sleep is plagued by terrifying dreams. Any given night in which they do occur (GM determination), you wake with 1d4 fewer endurance pints and are not well rested.


Essence Channeling -- 3 levels
Allows you to pull X essence from your pool per turn and recover it at a rate of X per minute.

Tai Chi

Be Like Water
Cost: 2 per dodge
You can dodge more than once per round without penalties.
Blind Strike
Cost: 2 per attack
Ignore lighting and similar penalties on an attack. Only a -3 penalty if totally blinded.
Combat Sense
Cost: 3 per turn
+3 to perception tests or tasks; +2 to initiative if holding essence.
Eagle Eye
Cost: 2 per attack
Ignore range penalties.
Pull Weapon
Cost: up to 3
Pull forth a weapon from the ether. Must be unobserved to do it. Larger weapons cost more (a club 1, a mace 2, a sledge hammer 3).
Can only call melee weapons or solid thrown weapons. A dropped or released weapon melts into goo and evaporates after 1 turn.


Acute Senses (Sound)
+3 when Perception-related tasks using sound.
Allows the of supernatural powers. Greatly increases the ability to perceive the supernatural.
Hard to Kill -- 2 levels
+6 life points, +2 to survival tests.
Influence (Military) -- 1 level
Bonus to social skills with this group, including Pulling Strings.
See normally in dim light, but still not in total darkness.
Old Soul -- 1 level
+1 perception, +6 essence
3-5 known past lives (DETERMINE)
Spend one essence, pass WIL+INT - attempt to draw upon a past life's skill level for one roll.
Pulling Strings (Mobility - Military)
ConXp91 - willpower + bureaucracy (+ influence) to attempt to organize transportation anywhere. It might be in a slow convoy, but you and/or your cargo will get there if successful. Failure, you can't make the connections. Higher results yields a faster trip and/or more cargo/passengers.
Rank (Army Sergeant) -- 2 levels
You attained and are formally recognized as this rank.
Resources -- no levels
Average. $9k in property. $1500/month pre-tax.
Situational Awareness
Observant of what's going on around you. +2 to perception rolls to sense trouble or danger in immediate surroundings and to notice those using stealth.

Special Possessions

Old Soul Personalities