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High Concept: Wired for Awesome
Trouble: Danger Junkie

Conceived In the Back of A Chevy Nova ...
Only Job In Town ...
America's Most Haunted ...
High Pain Tolerance ...


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Strength 3 — Dexterity 5 — Constitution 3 — Intelligence 2 — Perception 3 — Willpower 4


Life Points 37 — Endurance 40 — Speed 16 — Essence 20
Consciousness/Survival 7/8 — Initiative 10
Essence Recovery Rate 3/min


  • All Others 0 (but no normal unskilled penalty)
  • Acrobatics* 3
  • Brawling 2
  • Climbing 1
  • Dance 1
  • Dodge 2
  • Electronics 2
  • Language (Spanish) 2
  • Myth & Legend (Mesoamerican) 1
  • Play Instrument (Piano) 1
  • Running 1
  • Streetwise 1
  • +1 if strength-based sports skill


Adversary (City Police) -- 3 point strength
Some of the cops in town really want you and do devote resources toward your elimination.
You rarely take things seriously and frequently joke and wisecrack, even when inappropriate.
Covetous (Thrill) -- Serious -- "Daredevil"
Presented with enough temptation, you might succumb even if it's against your better judgment or usual morals. Resisting can require a willpower test, with penalties depending on the temptation.
You desire the spotlight and playing up your accomplishments, covering up your mistakes. (You will not compromise your principles to hog the spotlight.)
Status -- 2 levels down
Prefers weird transportation.
Known to keep bad company.
You are judged poorly because of the above. This level of penalty may apply to social skills.


Essence channeling -- 3
Allows you to pull X essence from your pool per turn and recover it at a rate of X per minute.


   Invocations have three steps: The Summoning, The Focus, and The Dismissal. These are the drawing forth of essence, shaping it into the desired effect, and then dismissing the essence. Usually, a successful Focus task (willpower+invocation) includes the a successful dismissal. However, a failed focus task will require a separate task to try to dismiss the essence without mishap. Additionally, magic takes the form of the emotions with which it is used. Using invocations chaotically or with malicious or evil intent can cause additional dismissal tasks to be required, possibly even with penalties. (Arma206 or Witch199)
   Invocations known and their rote uses. Other uses of the same invocations can be created (both by the character and by the player). It's best to come up with them beforehand, but if it's exciting to the plot, the might be provisionally approved during play.

Affect the Psyche -- 1
Influence Emotional State ()
Aura of Confidence (2+)
Beguile (1+) (D&Z)
Induce Sleep (1+) (D&Z)
Elemental Air -- 2
Calm Wind (1+)
Cleanse or Create Air (1/2+)
Gust of Wind (1+)
Lightning Bolt (1+)
Steady Wind (1+)
Stirring Air (1+)
Whirlwind (3+)
Sheet Lightning (3+) (D&Z)
Elemental Water -- 1
Cause Rain (5+)
Create Ice (1+)
Create Fog (1+)
Destroy Water (2+)
Water Flow (2+)
Drown (5+) (D&Z)
Lesser Illusion -- 1
Full Illusion (5+)
Visual Illusion (1+)
Auditory Illusion (1+)
Warding -- 1
Create Ward (10+)


Adrenaline Surge
Once per mission, 10 turns effective 6 strength and willpower (for all purposes; consciousness tasks are 12). Ignores penalties from damage for consciousness tests, but not survival. Lose an additional D10 life points when it ends.
Attractive -- 1 level
Added from any test or task involving making an impression, except intimidation.
Contacts -- 2 points
Will offer rumors and small favors (ride, place to crash for the night, meal...)
Fast Reaction Time
+5 to initiative checks.
Allows the of supernatural powers. Greatly increases the ability to perceive the supernatural.
Hard to Kill 1
+3 life points; +1 Survival tests
Influence (Xtreme) -- 1 level
Influence (Business) -- 1 level
Bonus to social skills with this group, including Pulling Strings.
Jack of All Trades
Can attempt any skill, even untrained ones, as though you have a 0 in it without most usual penalties for being untrained. No Rule of 10. (From "One of the Living")
Pulling Strings (Accomplices [XTreme])
ConXp80 - willpower + bureaucracy (+ influence) to attempt to call in a(some) specialist(s) for a specific task. They may require payments. Bribes give bonuses; rushing their arrival penalties.
Pulling Strings (Vehicle Access [Business])
ConXp99 - willpower + bureaucracy (+ influence) to attempt to have access to a particular vehicle for a day. More exotic equipment will be more difficult to obtain. Compensation may still be required.
Resources -- no levels
Average. $9k in property. $1500/month pre-tax.
Rough Player
+1 to any strength-based use of a sports skill. (custom; 1 pt; doesn't stack)
Wheel Man -- 3 levels
Add the value of this quality to any driving or piloting skills (even if it is a zero). This may be restricted, such as only applying to normal operation of the device but not for special maneuvers. Compare to "Hyperlingual" but for Driving/Piloting. [This is a custom quality. May be subject to future Nerf-batting.]

Special Possessions