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Sophia.gif Sophia


High Concept: Forensic Pathologist for the Strange
Trouble: My Father is the Polish Godfather

Black Sheep ...
Always Wants More ...
Calluses Aren't Always Visible ...
Where's the Poop? '




Strength 2 — Dexterity 3 — Constitution 2 Intelligence 4 — Perception 5 — Willpower 4


Life Points 32 — Endurance 34 — Speed 10 — Essence 20
Consciousness/Survival 6/8 — Initiative 3
Essence Recovery Rate 1/min
Fate Points: 3


  • Brawling 1
  • Dodge 2
  • First Aid 2
  • Gambling 1
  • Guns (Pistol) 1
  • Language (English) 3
  • Language (Polish) -- native
  • Medicine* 3
  • Notice 2
  • Questioning 2
  • Research 2
  • Science (Biology) 1
  • Sleight of Hand 1
  • Stealth 2
  • Writing (Academic) 1


Addition (Prescription Pain Killers) -- 2
Suffer -2 to mental actions when you go without.
Covetous (Ambitious) -- Serious
Presented with enough temptation, you might succumb even if it's against your better judgment or usual morals. Resisting can require a willpower test, with penalties depending on the temptation.
Obligation (Polish Mob) -- Serious
You're expected to risk your life for the organization if requested.
Psychological Problems (Phobia [Darkness]) -- Mild
This problem is mostly under control except under stress. May require a willpower check at -1 to resist.
Sleep Problems (Recurring Nightmares)
Your sleep is plagued by terrifying dreams. Any given night in which they do occur (GM determination), you wake with 1d4 fewer endurance pints and are not well rested.
-3 penalty when doing anything artistic or creative. Can apply to social skills (eg, smooth talking, seduction, intimidation) as well.


Essence Channeling -- 1 level
Allows you to pull X essence from your pool per turn and recover it at a rate of X per minute.


   Invocations have three steps: The Summoning, The Focus, and The Dismissal. These are the drawing forth of essence, shaping it into the desired effect, and then dismissing the essence. Usually, a successful Focus task (willpower+invocation) includes the a successful dismissal. However, a failed focus task will require a separate task to try to dismiss the essence without mishap. Additionally, magic takes the form of the emotions with which it is used. Using invocations chaotically or with malicious or evil intent can cause additional dismissal tasks to be required, possibly even with penalties. (Arma206 or Witch199)
   Invocations known and their rote uses. Other uses of the same invocations can be created (both by the character and by the player). It's best to come up with them beforehand, but if it's exciting to the plot, the might be provisionally approved during play.

Insight -- 1
Allows the user to understand another's true nature and possibly even uncover its deepest secrets.
Perceive True Nature (6+ essence)
See Mind (2+) (D&Z41)
Locate -- 1
With this Invocation you can try to find anything or anyone by zeroing in on the Essence "signature" of an object, person or creature
Search Effect (10+) (MystCod148)


Necromancy Skill -- 1
Death Lordship -- 1
Command and control spirits and the dead.
Level 1, Expel Spirit: Force a spirit to leave an area. Willpower + necromancy resisted by simple willpower. Costs 2 essence per attempt. "Non dead spirits" (possibly the likes of elementals) might be commanded with a +2 bonus to their resistance and a cost of 4 essence.
Death Speech -- 1
Communicate with spirits of the dead.
Level 1, Glimpse the Dead: See spirits within range and mentally overhear them. 1 essence perception + necromancy. Range of 5*willpower. One minute per success level.
Death Vessel -- 1
Let spirits of the dead inhabit the body.
Level 1, Invite Spirit: Surrender control of your body to a spirit. The spirit can converse with others during this time; the necromancer's spirit is in stasis for this and retains no memory of it. Intelligence + necromancy, no essence cost. d4 minutes.
Death Mastery -- 0 -- untrained
Manipulate the forces of life and death.
Death Raising -- 0 -- untrained
Raise manipulate and control zombies.


Contacts (Polish Mob) -- 2
Will offer rumors and small favors (ride, place to crash for the night, meal...)
Allows the of supernatural powers. Greatly increases the ability to perceive the supernatural.
Nerves of Steel
Quite resistant to fright. Immune to normal sources of fear. +4 bonus to others.
Hard to Kill -- 2 levels
+6 life points, +2 to survival tests.
Influence (Law Enforcement) -- 1 level
Influence (Medicine) -- 1 level
Bonus to social skills with this group, including Pulling Strings.
Pulling Strings (Lab [Medicine])
ConXp89/90 - willpower + bureaucracy (+ influence) to attempt to have access to (medical facilities/laboratory).
Resources -- 1 level up
Middle class. $30k in property. $3k/month pre-tax.

Special Possessions

Go Bag: Contains a flashlight, hand-crank radio, dust mask, swiss army knife, change of clothes, a map, two bottles of water, two MREs, waterproof matches, firesteel, first aid kit, a toothbrush, a 3 month supply of Valium, passports.

.22 pistol

Vial of Holy Water

A piece of clear quartz

Field Medic Kit

Spray bottle of luminol