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Steve.gif Steve


High Concept: Counter-Culture Intellectual
Trouble: I'm an Anarchist

Wild Child ...
Knowing is half the battle ...
"Burn it all!" ...
Never Good Timing ...

Attributes(20 Points)


Strength 1 — Dexterity 4 — Constitution 3 — Intelligence 5 — Perception 2 — Willpower 5


Life Points 26 — Endurance 32 — Speed 14 — Essence 35
Consciousness/Survival 8/8 — Initiative 4
Essence Recovery Rate 4/hour

Skills(22 Points)

  • Computer Hacking 3
  • Computer Programming 3
  • Demolitions 1
  • Electronic Surveillance 1
  • Electronics 2
  • Lock Picking (Electronic) 1
  • Magic Theory 1
  • Mechanic 1
  • Notice 2
  • Occult Knowledge* 1
  • Research 1
  • Science (Chemistry) 1
  • Streetwise 2
  • Throwing (Sphere) 2

Drawbacks(10 Points)

Attractiveness - 2 levels down(2 Points)
Subtracted from any test or task involving making an impression. Bonus to intimidation.
Emotional Problems (Depression) - Treated(1 Point)
Treated by medication.
If unmedicated, -1 to most tasks
Impaired Senses(sight) - treated (1 Point)
-3 to perception-based Tests or Tasks without glasses
Psychological Problems (Lazy) - Mild (1 Point)
This problem is mostly under control except under stress. May require a willpower check at -1 to resist.
Improving skills can cost more.
Psychological Problems (Pyromania) - Serious (3 Points)
This problem affects your daily life and anyone who knows you at least suspects it. A willpower check at -2 might be attempted to resist it.
See "Reckless".
Secret (Stolen Resources) - (2 points)
If it becomes publicly known that your resources are the result of theft, it will significantly impact your life.

Powers(26 Points)

  • Strength determines how powerful an effect can be created; Art the grace with which it is done.
  • Gain 1 essence per strength and art (10).
  • Every power can also be used defensively.
Mindfire (Pyrokinesis) - Strength 4, Art 2 (16 Points)
Usually uses willpower + art to activate. Requires willpower checks to control over a duration.
Flames created on an individual are not dodgeable but can be resisted with willpower tests (difficult). Jets/balls/area bursts are able to be dodged.
Strength: up to a large torch (d4xMF-Strength damage) that readily ignites usual combustibles.
Defensively: reduces multiplier of fire or energy attacks by MF-Strength. Has an AV of MF-Str*2against smaller projectiles. Those within a few feet of you take d6*MF-Str in damage.
Mindhands (Tele-/Psycho-kinesis) - Strength 3, Art 2(13 Points)
Intelligence + art to move linearly. Dexterity + art to toss/throw/aim (which can be dodged).
See chart (Arma 228) for mass. At MH-Str 1, max mass is 50 pounds. An object of 10 pounds or less can be flung to deal d4 damage. Dropping a 50 pound object on something deals (d4+1)*1+heightInYards) damage but is very easy to dodge.
Gifted can resist MH with willpower (plus any released essence). Shielding (both) blocks.
Brawling + art for psychic punches (mundanes: difficult dexterity). Influct MF-Str damage.
Can use dexterity skills at a distance, using art + skill, with a penalty
Can add MF-Str to physical Str for lifting or combat purposes.
Strength: See chart.
Defensively: Dexterity + art parrying. Intelligence + art inertial armor for success levels minutes, AV D4*(MF-Str/2). -1 to other tasks wile shield is up.

Qualities(10 Points)

Essence Channeling - 2 levels (4 Points)
Gifted(5 Points)
Allows the of supernatural powers. Greatly increases the ability to perceive the supernatural.
Influence (Counter-Culture) -- 1 level(1 Point)
Influence (Academia) -- 1 level(1 Point)
Bonus to social skills with this group, including Pulling Strings.
Pulling strings (Funding [Counter-Culture]) -- 1 level(1 Point?)
ConXp88 - willpower + bureaucracy (+ influence) to attempt to have your contacts direct money your direction in some way. Currently $600/month without a roll extra. A successful roll can bring in $6000. Higher results brings more money, and you can lower your target for an easier roll. Misuse of funds (and catastrophic failures on rolls) can result in an investigation.
Resources -- 1 level up(2 Points)
Middle class. $30k in property. $3k/month pre-tax.

Special Possessions

Early 90's era laptop computer with an external 2400 baud modem.