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Wednesday Knight Games:Hillfolk/Amelia

From Drinking and Dragons
  • I am: Vasha Lefthand
  • Desire: Acceptance
  • Role: Healer
  • My story is of a traveler seeking inner peace.

Dramatic Poles

Visionary OR Madman

What I Can Do

  • (Strong) KNOWING - Cosmopolitan
  • (Strong) MAKING - Brewing
  • (Mid) ENDURING
  • (Mid) FIGHTING
  • (Mid) TALKING
  • (Weak) MOVING
  • (Weak) SNEAKING

The People in my Life

  • I want the Chieftain (Southern Star) to recognize me as a member of the tribe. They can't do this because I don't follow the tribe's religion.
  • I want Running Eagle to stop pursuing his beloved. He isn't interested (and wouldn't be, even if he was single) because I remind him of his dead mother.

Links Back to Me

  • (From Gore) I have Blessed Trouble's goats, given to Gore as dowry for his daughter.
  • (From Running Eagle) He wants to learn how to make alcohol/get the recipe, but I'm worried it will lead to his death (either from overdose, or making poison).
  • (From Blessed Trouble) They want to know where she came from. Vasha won't tell them, because the memories are painful, and the knowledge is dangerous.

Things We've Learned

  • She's been here a few months (I'd say around 6-8, but this was not set in stone)
  • She's asexual, this (and her knowledge/skills) has caused trouble in villages she's tried to stay in before, in some cases leading to them persecuting her as a witch.
  • She's lived in 5 villages/tribes before this one.
  • She does worship on a moon calendar but not the tribe's pantheon; it's still unclear who/what she worships but she is respectful at least of the others' views.
  • Her tribe was from the far north, and was extremely warlike, which is why she left.
  • Her tribe had very strict rules surrounding outsiders' behavior, she was afraid of causing offense so she has not been around the village much.

Next time scenes: - Ask BT (/others?) where the manzanita apple trees nearby are, and "deal with them" with Gore