Drinking & Dragons

Wednesday Knight Games:Hillfolk/Daryl

From Drinking and Dragons
  • I am: Gore
  • Desire: Renown
  • Role: Raid Commander
  • My story is the one future storytellers to share with the littlies.

Dramatic Poles

  • builder? OR destroyer?

People In My Life

  • I want Blessed Trouble to pay proper and customary dowry. Blessed Trouble will not give that to me because he thinks I already got too much.
  • I want Southern Star to give me permission to raid the Saltmen. This can't happen because we have an ancient treaty.
  • Running Eagle wants inheritance from me. I can't give it to him because Southern Star has forbidden it.
  • Blessed Trouble wants those goats back from me. I can't do this because I gave my goats to Vasha to get her started in the community.

What I Can Do

  • (Strong) Fighting - Javelin sharpshot
  • (Strong) Enduring - Minimal needs
  • (Middli) Moving
  • (Middli) Making
  • (Middli) Knowing
  • (Weak ) Talking
  • (Weak ) Sneaking