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Southern Star.jpg
  • I am: Southern Star
  • Desire: Subservience
  • Role: Clan Chieftain
  • My story is of a person who seeks unity of the tribes.

Dramatic Poles

upholder of tradition OR destroyer of tradition

The People in My Life

Vasha Lefthand - Trusted Foreigner - Wants Southern Star to make her a full member of the tribe. (This can't happen because she is a heretic.) | Wants Running Eagle's devotion. (This can't happen because she reminds him of his dead mother.)

Gore - Raid Commander - Wants Blessed Trouble to pay the proper dowry for the marriage to his daughter. (This can't happen because BT believes they already got too much for the dowry.) | Wants Southern Star's permission to raid the Salt Men. (This can't happen because we have an ancient treaty that disallows that.)

Running Eagle - Raid Scout - Wants his inheritance from Gore. (This can't happen because Southern Star has forbidden it.) | Wants Vasha's recipe for her alcohol. (This can't happen because she doesn't want him to kill himself by messing up the recipe).

Southern Star - Clan Chieftain - Wants Running Eagle to become the next clan chieftain. (This can't happen because Running Eagle believes he doesn't deserve it.) | Wants Blessed Trouble banished from the tribe. (This can't happen because it is not within my power.)

Blessed Trouble - Holy Fool - Wants Gore to return his three goats, which is the dowry. (This can't happen because Gore gave all of the goats to Vasha to get her started in the community.) | Wants to know where Vasha came from. (This can't happen because the memories are painful and the knowledge is dangerous.)

What I Can Do

  • (Strong) ENDURING - Heals quickly.
  • (Strong) TALKING - Negotiator.
  • (Middling) FIGHTING
  • (Middling) KNOWING
  • (Middling) MAKING
  • (Weak ) MOVING
  • (Weak ) SNEAKING