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Wednesday Knight Games:Hillfolk/Steve

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  • My story is of a person who... uses people to get what I want.
  • I am: Running Eagle
  • Desire: Reassurance
  • Role: Raid Scout

Dramatic Poles

Earner of Respect OR Demander of Respect

Relationship Desires

  • (Gore) I want inheritance from Gore (my adopted Dad) - Southern Star has forbidden it
  • (Vasha) I want the alcohol recipe - My habits will make me go blind
  • (Vasha) Vasha wants to marry me - I can't because she reminds me of my dead mother
  • (Southern Star) Southern Star wants me to be Clan Chief - I don't feel I deserve it (cuz I'm bastard/maybe outsider)

What I Can Do

  • (Strong) Sneaking - Silent Creeping
  • (Strong) Enduring - Resist Fatigue
  • (Middli) Talking
  • (Middli) Moving
  • (Middli) Knowing
  • (Weak ) Making
  • (Weak ) Fighting


  • April 14, 2021 - I got some booze from Vasha at the beginning. The Chief called me into their tent to speak about my drinking habit, which I totally do not have GOSH, and I was stubborn. I went to Blessed Ass and essentially made a deal to get him to spread rumors that I'm sober, since he's a loud mouth about it.

- On a raid with my father I was able to stall the Southern tribe warriors, and came home the next day bloodied from battle with a RESCUED child. I earned totes respect. Blessed took some of my blood.

- Chief asked Father and I to return the child and make peace with the Southerners. After negotiations I asked for Boulder's hand in marriage. Chief said that Dad had to pronounce me of his blood first. SICK.

  • May 19, 2021

- People were named, Oracle is "Water for Trees..." Southern Hills Tribe is "Stone Smacker..." Warrior Chief "Blade Song..." Wanted Blessed Trouble's job "Short Grass" (who does all of the real work...)