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Wild:21 Cubehopping

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Starring: Nathaniel-skull.gif Nathaniel, Pirate.gif Brilla, Bo-icon.gif Bo, Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen
Guest Starring: Urskan, Tall Tally, Olissan
Challenge: Yugoloths (Canoloths who successfully summoned Mezzoloths.)
Location: Acheron\Avalas\City of Fumes, Acheron\Thuldanin\Mines of Marsellin, Acheron\Thuldanin\Hammergrim\Coldember
Date Played: 08 October 2009

City of Fumes


Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: We found an inn, and discovered that the foodstuffs we had on us were of great value here. Knowing this, I am committed to keeping the Acherai alive. One slaughtered whale, brought through in pieces, could buy my people arms, armor, and magics enough to wipe the sea-elves from the world.

It was no easy task to find our next goals, but my companions are talented at getting the information they need. A series of portals would lead us from plane-to-plane. There was one important restriction on the trip: if we dawdled overlong, we could turn to stone. The solution, of course, was simple: keep moving.

Pirate.gif Brilla: If we can find a nicer portal to get here we could make quite a killing. Real food is a rarity here, and I am guessing magicly created would be just the same. Since this area is evoid of actual soil, fruits and vegetaqbles are at a premium. Instead, most of the people ehre eat what they called "mana," the infantile cubes that spawn from the ones on which they are settled. This is not only done to provide a food source, but also to prevent further propagation of cubes from forming.

While here we set forward to find the way to the battlecube. Sadly, the process will be long and requires a serius of potentially dangerous jumps as we will be thrust into areas even more alien than this one. I just hope that all fo this travel will provide me with a fruitful end.

Mines of Marsellin

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: The first step through the path put us into the inaccurately named "Mines" of Marsellin. The junkheap of Marsellin was more accurate. We quickly became lost in the wastes, encountering a Monodrone and a Rust-dragon. The latter I spoke with, armed only with my natural weapons. It wanted food- metal, and if we gave it some, it would lead us to the next portal. Brilla, fortunately, had the power to find any object she desired, should in be nearby, and that uncanny sense allowed her to feed the dragon and earn our escape.

Pirate.gif Brilla: Our first stop was a plane that collected all of the other planes garbage. What was special, though, was that after a time, ANYTHING here would be turned to stone, even us. We made it our priority to find our way out of this plane as quickly as possible.

Sadly, the terrain did not help us to this end. There was an area with loose rubble that had the group take a small spill. A hilt hit me on my head and from it I obtained a very powerful magical sword... that was turned to stone. For now it is just a fancy club, but I'm sure Ethyl would like to look at it further.

Nathaniel decided to have a conversation with a modron that wanted his key. He was reserved abotu giving it up and made an enemy with the Modron Nation. That Nathaniel... he makes friends wherever he goes!

Luckually this situation had a better end when we ran into a rust dragon. In exchange for some metal we were able to gain his assistance on finding an exit. Knowing that a blind search would take forever, I called upon Andromalius to gain the ability to find what I desire. After some blind guesses I was able to find a metal cog that sated the dragon. Eventually, though, we gave him a prize meal in the monodrone that Nathaniel "befriended." DM-d20.jpg DM: The monodrone fought for a round for the cog, then fled.

The dragon eventually led us to the portal to Hammergrim.


Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: The escape to the dull land of Hammergrim. I forget the name of the town we arrived in, and honestly, it's irrelevant. The Druegar are food, and not even terribly interesting seeming food. We found the route to the next portal, and began the journey.

Along the route, we encountered a pair of cannaloths which replaced themselves with mezzoloths. We fought them, and it was a surprisingly difficult battle. Enemies that are both resistant to my spells and able to withstand the minor damage I can inflict with my limbs are a bane, and my allies were little better. Nathaniel dismissed Brilla, sending her to wherever the undead he summons come from, keeping her safe and giving us another fighter.

In the end, we were victorious, and continued on our way.

Pirate.gif Brilla: Our next stop at Hammergrim was, well, dull. The area was devoid of color. The drugar whom's shower we stepped into did not even seem to care we came. He also had a strange dislike of towels aand soaps, as his wash room was barren.

After asking around and finding a "normal" dwarf to talk to, we found out path and set out into the pale wilderness.

While in these wilds we encountered a group of cannaloths that were poorly protecting a berry bush. I realize now, though, that they were poorly attempting to hide to ambush us. We took a long path to avoid them, but they followed us and due to the strange summoning laws of this plane they were replaced by two mezzoloths.

Their defenses were great and they had the ability to summon a terriable gas that brought death to those that took even the slightest inhaliation. It took the urskin in our group (much to Nathaniel's delight) and I soon realized that my abilities would prove to be ineffective against them. I gave permission for Nathaniel to summon one of his undead, fully knowing that in summoning it I would take the place of where it was.

I appeared in a crypt with many other undead, which was better than my assumtion that I would find myself six feet under. I took what little time I had to explore the area, and I picked up a unique skull for Nathaniel for when I returned. He seemed hardly appriciative of my gesture. I'll keep in mind that he doesn't like presents.


The party will be stepping through another town in Hammergrim on their way to the Battlecube.

Please make sure to have your character in Dreamworld mode for the next session.


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