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Starring: Nathaniel-skull.gif Nathaniel, Pirate.gif Brilla, Bo-icon.gif Bo, Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen
Guest Starring: Hand, Luthia (priestess of Luthic), Makrete Ironskull (proxy of Gruumsh), Anthropomorphic Carp, Marius the Maelephant, Tall Tally, Ethyl
Location: Acheron\Avalas\Battlecube\Nishrek, Acheron\Avalas\Wreychtmirk\Mesk, Acheron\Avalas\City of Fumes, Gnala, Coexistant Plane of Shadows, Coexistant Plane of Dreams
Date Played: 20 October 2009

Leaving Hammergrim

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen': The portals from Hammergrim were arranged like some kind of shipping port, with tepid and useless guards securing it. We entered the portal to Nishrek, although there were other portals to other planes, including Sekolahs home plane. I was tempted, but even with my skills, I know it would be an unwise extension to our adventures. For now, anyway.

We'll be back.

Pirate.gif Brilla: It was a dull and uneventful place. I am glad to be rid of it.

Hall of Memories

Pirate.gif Brilla: This was a great find. The Hall of Memories is much unlike the stories I have read. I was assuming that this was a rogue Sensate building, but nothing could be further from the truth. The king was a feebleminded dwarf that had aspects of a binder.

Through some discussion I was able to find out more about Lord Venta. I also found out some more information for my companions, asking about the stars for Fuelwen and about cyclopians and keys for Nathaniel. I wasn't sure what drives Bo, so I didn't ask anything for him.


Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: Honestly, I was disappointed. The "Battle" Cube is more like the "meandering war bands with no purpose or organization cube". Still, it was refreshing to test my hand at mass slaughter, and was there massive slaughter. Bo suggested interrogating some of the goblins, so we captured a small party. I chose to spare one, which I called my slave and named Hand. My hope was to keep it as a living trophy of my visit to the Battle Cube and an example of my conquest- defeating death itself, by dragging this goblin back from its afterlife.

Oh, I suppose it's worth documenting the purpose of the slaughter, which was not simply to prove our skills. It was a fine for visiting Nishrek without being Orcs. In any case, we fulfilled our fine and then some, while Hand devoured the rations in my pack.

Pirate.gif Brilla: When teleporting to Nishrek we were stopped by an ogre that said we were under arrest. Most of the goup were hesitant to let themselves bu taken, but Bo outright ran. The ogre was very swift, though, and knocked Bo unconscious. The rest of us promptly gave ourselves up.

We were put on trias by an orcish judge and ordered to slay and scalp 40 goblins each. Fuelwen perked up a little at this and we were escouted to the edge of the cube. Oddly enough, crossing the cub was a pretty difficult task. Fuelwen and his net proved to be very valuable in getting across.

They slaying went very quickly. Fuelwen even found himself a slave. I don't really condone it, but it is a cultural thing for him so I'll let it slide as long as he doesn't mistreat Hand.

Palace of Gruumsh

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: The fine paid, we had three days to hunt up tell of Brilla's ancestor, and all clues pointed towards Gruumsh, one of the Orcish gods. We traveled to his temple, and found that his Proxy sat in its center. Brilla won an audience of 30 seconds with him. Brilla's question only took seconds, so I added my own: how to complete my quest. He had no answer to me, but helped Brilla with a painfully obvious suggestion: try to bind your ancestor.

Pirate.gif Brilla: With scalps in hand, he headed back to the edge of the cube. There, though, was an orcish shaman that would not let us back across. After we explained the situation she was a bit disappointed in the low fine we had to pay and pulled Fuelwen across by her sharp nails. The rest of us got across on our own, needless to say.

We now had 3 days to explore Nishrek. I started by asking around where a source of information like a library could be found. We were sent to a palace of bones.

Fuelwen and I went inside as the other waited at the enterence for us. Sadly, there was not a single book to be found, but instead the place was full of worshippers of Gruumsh. Most prominate, though, was the proxy of Gruumsh called Makrete Ironskull that towered in a throne in the center of this temple.

After finding an orc priest that would take audiance with us, I was allowed 30 seconds of audiance with the proxy. My question did not take long to state, and Makrete applauded my bravado (in a sarcastic sort of way) for wasting 11 seconds of his time that I did not use in my address.

I was given an extended history of Lord Venta and was told of how he left the orcish armies. Upon leaving the temple I was told that I would need further proof that I was linked to Lord Venta so that we could take a portal that would lead us to Avalas. Not knowing what to do, I attempted to bind Lord Venta. As expected it did not work well as he is not a true vestige, though it appears that he is close to becoming one, though I hardly know which circle would have him.

Mesk, Wreychtmirk

(c) Wizards of the Coast. Art presumably by Thomas M. Baxa.


Pirate.gif Brilla: We teleported to a water soaked cube that was linked somehow to the River Styx. As long as we were in the shallow ends we did not have to worry about losing our thoughts. While there we ran into a confused half-carp that seemed very interested in going to an inn that was nearby.

Upon entering the inn he was stabbed by the bartender, Mesk, and was then being prepaired as food. Mesk has the ability to project water from the River Styx and effect anyone sprayed. We decided to stay on his good side.

It was brought to our attention that this cube was on a colission course with the cube that house the City of Fumes. We struck a deal that would let us hide in the basement until the colission and we could then exit the cube and jump to the City of Fumes from each cubes edge.

Back in City of Fumes

Pirate.gif Brilla: We arrived on the cube to find the area that we arrived in shattered. This made it impossible for us to find where the exit portal would be for us to return to Gnala.

With some luck we were able to find Tall Tally in good health. He wasn't about to let us go so easily, though. He wanted Fuelwen to sign a contract that upon his death he would be brought back here as a devil to fight for him.

This caused a lengthy debate on other forms of payment that were mostly going nowhere. We eventually settled on Hand and Tall Tally promptly slew him. This was good enough for me, though, as devils are not ones to make bargins with.

With payment made, we were on our way back to Gnala.


Pirate.gif Brilla: Is it really that hard to read? Someone took our shore boat even though it had a note on it not to touch. We ended up taking the nicest one docked that we could find and headed back to the ship.

Everything was in order when we arrived and we planned to restock the ship since we were going on another extended trip thought the planes.

We gathered up a tempermental Mission and headed back to the shore where there were a group of clerics that found a way to bring us to the plane of dreams.

Coexistant Planing

Pirate.gif Brilla: And by the plane of dreams, they ment the plane of shadow. Evidently it was up to us to navigate to the dark area of this plane where we would have to kill Mission and then jump a portal to the plane of dreams. I decided to try walking with empty thought to get to the deeper part of the plane and it worked. The others did suit and we then begun our ritual.

The door to the plane of dreams cracked open much in the way Mission's skull did under the force of Ethyl. Upon stepping through the door we were quickly beset by a skin feaster that took a good chunk out of me. I really, really, really hate this plane and will never come back to it again on my own free will. Ever.

Surprise attack by: a skin feaster. (Brilla: 1 con drain, 2 con damage.) (The party managed to ID it enough such that you can feel okay looking at the entry for it. It's the advanced version.)


  • +200 GP per NPC page filled in...
    • +400 GP Fuelwen (Hand, Marius)
    • +200 GP Brilla (Makrete)

I will be calculating XP after this session. A level up may happen. If it's close, I'll keep calculating per-session until the level-ups do happen.

  • +1 AP Brilla/Fuelwen

Funny, the party went to the home plane of Nathaniel's god and he never once thought about trying to go to Layer 4 of Acheron...