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Wild:23 Halloween Special

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Starring: Pirate.gif Brilla, Bo-icon.gif Bo, Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen
Guest Starring: A fairy of some sort.
Challenge: Skin Eater, Our Own Minds, Elm St.
Location: Solipsism Coexistent Plane of Dreams
Date Played: 30 October 2009

They're all dead…

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: We dispatched the skin eater quickly, and then dreamed ourselves to the dream-world version of Solipsism. Everyone was dead. Everyone we had met on Solipsism was dead. Frankly, it wasn't surprising, but I was not pleased to see the destruction. It was senseless, purposeless. No one held the territory, and the residents were hardly a threat.

But they were all dead, nonetheless. The region was dark.

The Citadel

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: We found the same at the citadel; in the crafting room, where once dreamstuff sat, nightmarestuff lurked. In the treasure room, some annoying fairy hid, filching anything it could get its hands on. Brilla decided to attempt to craft something from the nightmare stuff, and that meant a long wait. Bo and I set out to explore further.

In a field, we found Igoriana's body, and it was touched by an illusion. The illusion drew me there with a sound, and then made me believe I was beset by a horde of sea elves. I eventually escaped, but felt my mind torn asunder. I lost a portion of my wits in that encounter.

We hurried back to the Citadel.

A long night

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: The mysterious fae was determined to communicate, but refused to do more than answer yes or no questions. After much prodding, we learned that the nightmare stuff was the source of the illusion that nearly drove me mad. I dread thinking what Brilla's weaving project will turn out to be, but regardless, we needed to act against the nightmare stuff.

I'm not entirely sure why, except that Solipsism seemed like a useful shelter. Perhaps it was even the sense of meaningless evil that was wrought by the nightmare. Bo would need to consecrate the area, and we would have to wait for morning for that to be done.

Which meant a night of fighting back the nightmare with "happy" thoughts. At first, I focused my mind on the bloodthirsty elements of my dreams, but that only encouraged the nightmare. So instead, I focused on something more immediately important: swimming. I haven't been in the water for weeks, now. It's killing me. The dryness has caused a painful itching in my sides.

Focus, focus, focus, and the next morning, Bo consecrated the area. The nightmare stuff was banished to dreamstuff, and a wave of pure dream started expanding out from the citadel, slowly, but surely.

Enemy Lines


The bandanna that Brilla wove out of threads of nightmare detects as magic.