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Wild:38 Romancing the Ooze

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Starring: Bo-icon.gif Bo, Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen, Pirate.gif Brilla
Guest Starring: Charles (Cornugon/Paeliryon), Delconner, Quineus, Bezeltrix (Erinyes), Bohrut (Kyton), Uriah (Narzugon/Dogai)
Challenge: Theddy, Fiendish T-Rex, Negotiations
Location: Barradin
Date Played: 10 June 2010

Jurassic Gatekeeper

Pirate.gif Brilla: There was little time to deal with Nathaniel and the pile of demons we have just made. The portal was the main concern and he had to make great haste toward it.

I assumed it would have been guarded, but I was not expecting the demons to be able to sway the fiendish T-Rex into guarding the gate. Camille has long since offered me her boon, something I decided to take advantage of now. With a little knowledge granted by my allies, I was able to lure the T-Rex away from the portal and lead it toward the dead demons. Once the smell of blood reached the dinosaur it promptly bolted, almost knocking me down in the process.

I tried to activate the infernal key we had blindly to open one gate on top of the other but it failed spectacularly. I feel I'd have to wait a full day to try to access the magics again, but we don't have that much time.

Follow the Leader

Pirate.gif Brilla: We were able to pick up on Theddy's tracks pretty easily since his mount has been slain. They led back to the Hall of Founders from what we could tell.

Once reaching the Hall of Founders we checked in with Churgin. Theddy was asking for something from inside the Hall but he was barred entrance. I took this time to give back my father's urn for better safe keeping.

During our travels we were intercepted by Ethyl. She informed us of the high waves crashing the shore and the damage that is being done to our ship. She also informed us that Killibron is there and that he says that these earthquakes are happening at other islands as well. It is useful information, and we dismiss her to go back to the ship and help make sure the crew can keep it in one piece. I'm sure her spells of repairing would come in handy there.

We thought hard on which way Theddy would go, and my guess of him going after my family was the most agreed upon conclusion. Delconner, a friend of my cousin Quineus, offered his help in tracking Theddy. Fuelwen vouched for him, so we let him lead the way.

Though still young, Delconner is a good tracker and seems to have a bit of luck about him. A bit shy, he doesn't seem like that bad of guy overall. I have no idea what someone like him would be doing with Quineous, but I'm sure the same thing could be said for me and my traveling companions.

Deal with the Devil

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: Bo helped me recover. I really need to find some way to amplify my resistance to magical effects. In any case, there was a portal to the Infinite Abyss and a bunch of Devils chomping at the bit to kill the Demons. Devils, which one can deal with. Oh, certainly, "if you think you've gotten a good deal from a Devil, first count your fingers, then your limbs, then your relatives." But you can deal with them.

Brilla, in a moment of weakness, resisted the idea. Charles and I pressured her into making a deal, and it was, as such things go, a good deal. We all still have our fingers, limbs, and relatives. Probably, anyway. Charles would open a gateway into Baator using Brilla's key, and for three hours his troops could wage their war against the Demons on the Island. At the end of the three hours, a restricted amount of collateral damage was allowed, and the Devils would be off of Barradin. We were, of course, pedantic in our restrictions, which I'm certain probably spared us future difficulty.

Pirate.gif Brilla: My mother is safe. It is a great relief. Unfortunately, no one has seen hide nor hair (if he even has any) of Theddy. Taking advantage of this time, we helped rally the villagers together and tended to the wounded. Fuelwen took some time to make sure the ship was being beached properly.

Charles could be seen a distance from our encampment, watching us. I really distrust that devil, but our options were running thin.

Charles and I were able to come to an agreement about the key. He would give us Theddy, alive, as well as only use the key for three hours with restrictions to how many casualties were allowed and whatnot, as well as the removal of all devils from the island once this was over. He agreed to it, and the deal was sealed. I summoned my father to help bind him to his agreement.

Negotiations... They are Hard

Pirate.gif Brilla: An erinyes named Bezeltrix delivered Theddy to us. Thedyd was unconscious, but still appeared to be alive. I took this time to try to gain a potential ally by playing to Bezeltrix's frustration in being made to work during her honeymoon. Using secret powers that only us women know of, we were able to create a "bitch-storm" in which sealed an instant friendship. We found out a few things about Charles, like he was vying for a promotion, but not too much that we can use against him. With her duty done, she then took her leave with a promise to visit again. Finding her an OK sort, for a devil at least, I agreed.

When Theddy awoke, he began to assault us with his natural defenses of causing a babbling confusion and releasing a gas that caused great hunger pains. This delayed negations a good deal and his unwillingness to cooperate did not help things either.

We eventually found that he was just really bat-shit crazy and a pervvy stalker. My ignoring him drove him into the rage he has now. I mean, can you blame me. He's fat and crusty. Hell, he's part ooze. I didn't even think oozes could get ashy! Once we got the information from him Fuelwen took it upon himself to deliver a killing blow.

Through the use of multiple suggestions I was able to get the details of how to work the key with some time to spare. I decided to head out as quickly as possible to close the gate, ending the need for Charles to do any more work. It took some convincing, but the group eventually agreed and we set out.

DM-d20.jpg DM Bezeltrix is the same Erinyes that Bo helped in the City of Brass and invited to come to The Wilding to try to bear children with her non-Tanari (but still devilish) Kyton lover.

That's a lot of devils…

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: Charles found his advantage in our deal. Specifically, the open portal gave him a chance to pour hundreds of devils into our plane. Brilla and Bo have a problem with that, and I admit, it could be a problem. But it's a problem in the far off future. Evil they may be, but they are predictable too. And Bo and Brilla found their option to get a head start on dispatching as many of these devils as possible- they summoned Uriah, our Narzugon enemy. They sent Uriah off to kill all the devils he could find during the time we could order him about. Bo and Brilla vetoed my advice to have him fall on his sword at the last moment of his commitment to us, or allowing him to hunt devils that greatly outranked him. It would have solved the Uriah problem and put a dent in the future devil problems, but no. Their weak stomachs will likely come back to haunt us.

Pirate.gif Brilla: Well, Charles found his loophole. While sending some of his army into the Abyss, he also sent some across the Wilding. When seeing me, Charles threw a sly smile.

In the middle of negotiations to manage the gates I was tossed his key. I began with a blind attempt to close his gate and was surprisingly successful, ending our contract early. With the devil's gate closed, the demon's gate was only a small matter of time.

We began to talk to Charles about some of the information we found, mentioning his promotion. He stated that he will now get it for sure, as well as Uriah. This would have a chance of rendering the coin we possess for him useless. Fuelwen took it upon himself to steal my coin off my person summon Uriah.

Fuelwen wanted Uriah to kill himself, but that was a purely evil act that played right into Charles' hand. In the end, we had Uriah hunt down all devils below his rank as quickly as possible and dispense of them in the most efficient manner they could.

The Devil had Some Downtime

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: As a result of all of this, both Charles and Uriah were promoted. Uriah returned to us, in his new form, and offered to "forget" how we had offended him if we told him where his former WuJen second-in-command was hiding. I chose my words very carefully, and told him, "We last saw him on Gnala."

I realize that I may have put Gnala in danger of attack, which is a shame, but no harm is likely to come to Algol-Nun. In the scheme of things, it's a minor loss, and the island herself is a bit of a menace- I wouldn't be too confident that the volcano will let such an attack pass un-contested. Regardless, it's not a significant problem.

Brilla wished to stay on Barradin to aid in the rebuilding. I was eager to spend some time recovering and researching with Killibron. We also needed to repair our ship. By watching the position of stars, I was able to chart the movements of Barradin, at least. The tides that nearly wrecked Seawolves' Folly were likely caused by the movements of the island.

From Killibron, we learned that several nearby islands had also had earthquakes and strange tides, meaning they were likely also moving. The world might be rearranging itself, which is also indicated by the fact that the ethereal plane has come much closer to ours (so I'm told). Strange things are afoot. Coupled with the mysteries of the portals and the changing stars and the loss of language… I believe the world is about to become ripe with opportunities for the bold. It already is, but things, I think, are going to become a bit more significant.

Pirate.gif Brilla: The next day, Uriah returned to us stating that he would still get his promotion and that he would be the death of us. He would forget about us, though, if we gave the location of his traitor. Fuelwen, with little reluctance, told Uriah that the wu-jen was in Gnala. It appears that Nathaniel's slipping conscience has now migrated to Fuelwen.

With things settled down, parts of the island can now be rebuilt. I can't stay for long, but I want to do what I can. I recently came into some land and possessions that need to be dealt with as well.

Bezeltrix came back to visit and brought her husband Bohrut as well. We had a really nice chat, though I wish her husband would have joined us as well. He seemed pretty happy hiding in the shadows, so to each their own I guess. Hopefully they get to enjoy their honeymoon a bit more.

DM-d20.jpg DM Charles is now a paelyrion, and Uriah an dogai ("assassin devil"). It was also noted that the Churgin's key makes a portal to Malboge.

Break the woks and sink the ships

Bo-icon.gif Bo Story goals:
Large – Reign in devil army most likely by gaining leverage on Charles. Need lots of info here; name, goals, enemies, and superiors.
Small – Ghost to dragon.
Pass – Earthquakes
Pass – No common
Pass – Islands moving

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: Ethyl, you know what'd be really great? If I had a cloak of resistance. That should be pretty easy to craft, right? I can provide material components, etc.

  • Pirate.gif Brilla: If Ethyl can't/won't do it, I could.

Pirate.gif Brilla: Somehow I feel Nathaniel's key could play a part in all these earthquakes. I will have to look into the key further in his absence. Also, I feel it will pay to his memory well.

These earthquakes need to stop soon. It will make traveling hard and make docking even harder.

We need to head to "Wild Tentacles" to get a moon view of the area. There is some belief in the group that the islands are shifting positions. It is worth looking into.

I need to find a way to clean up the mess I made with Charles. That is a big priority.

Also, I was recommissioned to find the 9th circle since the appearance of Venta confirms it.

Let us not forget to mention all of the land and property I just acquired.

Delconner and Quineus join the crew. Delconner is going to be the new cabin boy and Quineus has dropped out of a school of learning and entered Fuelwen's school of pain. Also, I made an agreement with my father on our last binding that if Delconner proves himself to be an outstanding person with great potential that I shall have his child. He is a great generations removed from my bloodline and is as pure as Karasite blood gets now-a-days. Having children that are not of kin is harder and harder these days.

My to-do list is huge......



  • Bezeltrix gave Bo her rope.
  • Brilla is now landed.
    • Brilla bested Theddy and has been granted his holding according to her society's laws.
    • Fishing fleet of 6 ships. These are not seaworthy -- they're largely coastal crafts.
    • Two villages of about 30 men each (were larger before the recent ordeals -- Theddy revolution, demonic invasion and tsunami).
      • All the accoutrements/canoes/women/children/etc that go with them.
    • All of the furnishings in Theddy's keep (but not the keep itself; it was rented).
      • Consider your ship and bar "luxury furnished" now.

From the Keep's Decor:

  • +1 Keen Maiming [Minis Handbook] Silver Battleaxe: 1d8 (no +1) damage, crit 19-20, x1d6
  • A pair of full body length Aspect Mirrors [Complete Scoundrel]
  • Wooden Variable [MIC] Shield - can also be commanded to assume a 10' wide, 3' high, 6" think wall that grants cover to all those behind it. The shield must be removed and set before assuming this shape.

Wiki update:

  • Bo: Devil Hatred: Permanent +1 to attacks against devils or other evil outsiders clearly being used as their legion.
  • Fuelwen: Avoid Frustration: You gain 1/day use of an ability similar to Dark Knowledge (see Heroes of Horror archivist) usable against any creature type. Can only be the Puissance (+ vs saves) use. This will count as an insight bonus. [My eye's on this to watch for power level. It should be okay though, since it takes a move action.]
  • Brilla: Bitch-Bond: Brilla learned Bezeltrix' and Bohrut's true names, symbols and other specific identifying features. They're also on generally good terms. Bezeltrix "dropped" a "wooden coin" token of some sort in Brilla's pocket during their parting hug.