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Wild:68 This Plane Is Full Of Astroles

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Starring: Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen, Pirate.gif Brilla, and Bo-icon.gif Bo and Ko.gif Ko
Guest Starring:
Challenge: Mindflayers, Meat-Puppet's Puppeteer
Location: The Astral
Date Played: 30 Aug 2011

Snack-Time for the Illithids

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: As per our agreement with the Githzerai, we went to the battlefield where the Giff and Crocodilomoprhs were fighting, intent on breaking up the battle. Our work was done for us, as the two sides fought each other to death. A group of Illithids went from body to body, sucking the brains free.

It's difficult to keep track of time, and I'd hate to starve to death upon arrival to the Prime. I decided to follow their lead- they wanted the brains, I would take the viscera. This drew the attention of the Mind-Flayers. They slipped up towards us. We saw them coming, and we didn't exactly take a defensive posture. They struck first, but we still gave them a sound thrashing.

The only interesting note: the undead leader was a twin for Meat-Puppet. When we killed him, I was scryed by Killibron a short time later. The Illithid had taken Meat-Puppet's body and was threatening to kill everyone aboard if I didn't give him a proper sacrifice. I offered Killibron, but Killibron refused to relay that message, so I settled on Crewman Jenkins. His performance has been horrible, and he'd taken to wearing this hideous red shirt every where he went.

Pirate.gif Brilla: An agreement of doing delegation to stop a battle was our next hurdle in the plane. It shouldn't be too hard, and having encountered a giff, I hope the crocodillamorphs were a more rational sort of people.

When reaching the disputed "land" we found there was little for us to do. There was a floating wall of corpses on both sides. From all appearances, it looked like it was total annihilation for each army. Easiest job ever! Sad... but easy!

Things did turn sour, though, as there was a group of mind flayers in the distance. We assumed a non-offensive stance and general disregard for them, hoping that we would leave each other alone. Well, these things never work out how I'd hope. My brain got scrambled, knocking me out of the fight. The others were able to vanquish the normal mind flayers while the undead one sulked off to watch the fight from a distance.

By the time I recovered, the assault on the undead mind flayer had begun. What was interesting was the appearance of this one matched Fuelwen's puppet. Fuelwen wasn't able to stop him with his words so we ended up killing him... errr... again. Undead things are confusing.

This may have not been the best course of action. The puppet awoke on our ship and demanded tribute. There was no way that our crew would be able to take out that creature, so we had to obey. Fuelwen took it upon himself to choose the crewman. Though I don't like the situation at all, I did find this one sniffing my undergarments in the past. If we had to choose someone, it might as well have been him.

This wasn't all bad, though, as Bo was paralyzed and we got a chance to mess with him. It's rare when we get to turn the tables on him like this. We had to take a rest to have him recover. Evidently my pregnancy is coming along nicely.


Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: Brilla talked our way through customs at the Githyanki border. That was probably the safest approach. Our answers were mostly honest.

Pirate.gif Brilla: Nosy Githyanki, appraisal, and a Zone of Truth. This wasn't the most intense security I've seen, but it was a bit thorough. I was able to skillfully skirt a few issues and make some gold while at it. This was unintentional, but I won't look a gift-horse in the mouth.

Of interest, they are not really interested in helping the red dragon we ran into. Did they run afoul in the past? I want to look into this, but I'm going to keep to myself as long as possible until we are out of here. In a city where every citizen is a soldier, you really have to watch your step. We are really going to have to keep our eyes on Bo. This is just the kind of place where he would like to cause trouble.


Wiki reward: Fuelwen: 1/day Death Knell (devour viscera of an opponent you've felled but not slain). Brilla: 1/day Status

Gold: 50GP Brilla