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Wild:Custom/Primordial Beast

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* long, narrow, snake-like body (constrict - constrictor snake)
* quadruped with clawed feet (rend, claw attacks)
* legs/feet are broad and strong (sprint, stampede, trample)
* enormous, shark-like jaw (improved grab, swallow whole)
* very broad, multi-chambered nose (keen scent)
* feathered wings (clumbsy, slow fly)
* broad, furry tail with big musk glands (musk)
** quills sticking out through fur all over (quills)
* barbed claws (rend)
* broad, bat-like ears (blindsense)
* bloodshot eyes, big porcine tusks (ferocity, rage)
* bad breath, mouth filled with dirty teeth (disease)
* rhinoceros horn - powerful charge
* large snake fangs (poison)
* flaps to cover its nose - hold breath
* saw-like teeth and tongue (attach)
* smooth mid body with some fins (swim speed)
** a couple small tentacles on its underbody (ink cloud, jet)
* trip

Primordeal Animal

Size/Type:	Large Animal
Hit Dice:	11d8 + CON
Initiative:	2
Speed:		40', 20' swim, 15' fly (clumbsy), climb 20'
AC:		17 (-1 size, +2 dex, +6 natural)
BAB:		+8 (-1 size, +6 str) = +13 on attacks
Grapple:	+18 (+4 size, +6 str)
Attacks:	2 Claws +13 (1d4+6) - trip, rend
			Bite +13 (1d8+6) - grab, poison, swallow, rake, constrict
			Gore +13 (1d8+6) - powerful charge
			Tail +13 (1d12+6) - quills
			Tongue (10'-20') +13 (1d4+3)
Space:		10'/10'
SA:			Improved Grab
			2 Rakes +13, 1d4+3
			Swallow Whole
			Poison - DC 19 Fortitude, 1d6 con
			Rend 2d4+9
			Constrict 1d8+6
			Powerful Charge 2d8+12
			Quills (special)
			Musk (standard action) - DC 19 Reflex
			Trample (standard action)
SQ:			Sprint
			Blindsense 40'
			Low-light vision
			Hold Breath
			Ink Cloud
Saves:		+11/+9/+1
Abilities:	Str 23 +6
			Dex 15 +2
			Con 19 +4
			Int  2 -4
			Wis 12 +1
			Cha 10 +0
Skills:		(7 ranks in Notice, Stealth)
			Balance* +10
			Climb* +14
			Hide* +9
			Jump* +14
			Listen* +12
			Move Silently* +13
			Spot* +12
			Swim* +14
Feats:		1 Multiattack
			3 Improved Multiattack
			6 Power Attack
			9 Cleave
Environ:	Wild Tentacles
Organiz:	Solitary
CR:			10
Treasure:	None
Alignment:	Always neutral
Advance:	12-14 HD (Large), 15-30 HD (Huge)
Level Adj:	-

A Primordeal Animal has racial bonus to:
	+8 balance, climb checks, jump checks, swim checks
	Take 10 yadda yadda...
	+4 spot, listen, hide, move
	+4 to survival when tracking by scent

Improved Grab - bite trigger
Rake - bite trigger
Swallow Whole
Poison - bite trigger
Rend - claw trigger
Constrict - bite trigger
Trip - claw trigger
Powerful Charge - gore trigger
Quills (special)
Quills (Ex): When the dire porcupine strikes with its tail, it dislodges 1d6 quills that automatically break off and lodge in the opponent’s flesh. A lodged quill imposes a -1 circumstance penalty to attacks, saves, and checks. Each 1 minute thereafter, the quill moves deeper into the opponent’s flesh, dealing 1d2 additional points of damage. Removing the quill takes 1 full round and deals 1d4 additional points of damage. If the quill has been embedded for more than 10 rounds, a Strength check at DC 10 is needed to remove the quill. For every minute after that, the DC to remove a lodged quill increases by +1. An unarmed or melee touch attack against a dire porcupine causes 1d4 quills to break off and lodge in the attacker.
Musk (standard action)
Musk (Ex): Once per round and no more than three times per day, a dire skunk can emit a line of yellowish sulfuric liquid to a range of 10 feet. A creature in the area must make a successful Reflex save (DC 15) or be blinded and nauseated for 1d4 rounds. The save DC is Constitution-based and includes a +2 racial bonus and a +2 bonus from its Ability Focus feat. A delay poison or neutralize poison spell removes the effects from a nauseated creature. Creatures with immunity to poison are unaffected by the nauseating effects of skunk musk but are still blinded if they fail their save.
Additionally, the target suffers a -10 circumstance penalty to Hide checks while wearing clothes or armor contaminated with skunk musk. The creature also suffers a -4 circumstance penalty to all Charisma-based skill checks while wearing contaminated clothes or carrying contaminated gear.
Flesh, leather goods, metal goods (weapons, armor, and the like) must be washed in a concentrated mixture of vinegar over a period of three days in order to fully remove the stench of skunk musk. The prestidigitation spell cannot clean items stained by skunk musk.
Trample (standard action)
Sprint (Ex) (land only)
Once per hour, can move ten times its normal speed (400 feet) when it makes a charge.
Blindsense 40'
Low-light vision
Hold Breath
Ink Cloud (only underwater)
Jet (only underwater)