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Vampire Werewolf Shark

Size/Type: Medium Undead Monsterous Humanoid (Shapechanger)
Hit Dice: 3d12
Initiative: +3 (+5 wolf)
Speed: 30ft (50ft wolf), swim 60ft
AC: +6 natural (vamp)
BAB/Grp: +3/+6(+8 wolf)
Attack: Slam (all,1d6), Bite (all, 1d6), Claw (hybrid, 1d4)
Full Attack: Slam (all,1d6) and Bite (all, 1d6) and Claw (hybrid, 1d4)
Space/Reach: 5/5
SA: Blood Drain, Children of the Night, Dominate, Create Spawn, Energy Drain
SQ: Alternate Form, DR 10/silver and magic, fast healing, gaseous form, resist elec 10, cold 10, spider climb, +4 turn resistance, scent (180ft when under water, 1 mile if blood), low light vision, Curse of Lycanthropy, Trip, Wolf Empathy, blindsense (30ft, underwater),
Saves: f/r/w:+4/+5/+2
Abilities: +6 Str, +4 Dex, +2 Int, +2 Wis, +4 Cha, Con 0

Wolf and Hybrid Form (stacks with above): +2 Str, +4 dex, +4 con

Skill bonuses: +8 Bluff, Hide, Listen, Move Silently, Search, Sense Motive, Spot, Swim, Climb
Feats: Alertness, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Improved Initiative, Lightning Reflexes
LA: +11
CR: 5