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Wild:General Linaeus

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Pirate.gif Brilla: So this guy is a general in the All's-Well empire. He seems to know what he is doing by letting the unskilled stay out of the way, showing a great desire to train his troops to be the best, and knowing that we are a great force on this island.

Interestingly, I went on a date with one of his sons. He feels his son was soft, unwilling to follow his father's footsteps in joining the military. He had impeccable manners, though I do agree I would like my mate to have more real world experience. Now where am I going to find someone of noble line that is a gentleman, level headed, and full of real-world experience?

When the city of Do Wop was destroyed, Linaeus declared himself king. He says that it's temporary but time will tell his true intentions.