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Great Fortress

A small, wealthy xenophobic island that largely worships Dalt, the lesser deity of Portals, Doors, Enclosures, Locks, and Keys.

The island is one of the more deforested ones, mostly because of how small it is. The entire island is ringed by a modest wall. There is a rigorous customs process at all ports of entry. The island is mostly populated by half-humans but is ruled by an elitist pure-blooded human noble class, and there are constant class struggles fomented by outside influences as well as sects of the church of Dalt itself. The island's primary economy is banking, trade, and being a neutral, secure port of call. The clergy provides about half of the food sources on the island.

Lull is a nearby island (just a few hours' sail in good wind and weather) that maintains a healthy rivalry with Great Fortress, as they both share patron gods regarding defenses.