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Daern (LN, Hero-God of Defense and Fortifications) is the patron god of Lull and is also its most commonly worshiped one. However, he does not, however, command a monopoly of worship on the island. Also in common worship are the five Wind Gods (Atroa, Sotillion, Telchur, Velnius, and Wenta, though here they're worshiped collectively) and Mayaheine (a protective, charitable Paladin goddess). There is an underground worship of Erythnul (Slaughter) that is the cause of a lot of the city's internal conflict.

The island is one of the larger ones and is sparsely populated. A significant amount of resources go to maintaining and expanding the walls around the island as part of its rivalry with a neighbor. The entire island is ringed by a mere 5-foot stone wall. However, the stone wall is then topped with buttressed wooden walls that extend up another 25 feet. The wall is dotted with many gates and harbor accesses, many of which don't have functional locking mechanisms any longer.

Overall, the mood here is a rustic and hard life. Because the island is so large, a great portion of it is not settled. Not even the entire coast around the island has been settled beyond the construction of the walls. In addition to the regular internal struggles by Erythnulites, there is a constant struggle here against the wild.

Lull's primary economic function is lumbering. Daily, large lumber parties venture into the wilds to fall a single large tree to recover for a ship mast or (most often) to rebuild the few settlements dotting the island or the wall.

The largest village/port on the island calls itself Quiet Citadel, and is largely devoted to Mayaheine. It is on the side of the island facing Great Fortress.

Great Fortress is a nearby island (just a few hours' sail in good wind and weather) that maintains a healthy rivalry with Lull, as they both share patron gods regarding defenses.