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Wild Tentacles

Initially unnamed, this is the island the party dreamed themselves to upon leaving Solipsism. Sparsely settled, this island is a Dwarf colony with one major city, "First Landing". Strongly fortified and built, it was built with far more capacity than the Dwarves required for their city.

Also on the island is a large plateau, inhabited by Big, the Cyclops. Big keeps a disastrously inbred flock of sheep and maintains the ruins of a Celestial temple. The only recognizable remnant is an archway; at the new moon, this arch becomes a gateway to another, tiny world. Made of starmetal, and mined into a hollow orb, it has no atmosphere, and was guarded by ghouls of Celestial clerics.

It was marked with ley lines and other keys that represent constellations, and may be some form of map.