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According to the Hag Covey, there is at least one planar portal for each island in the world. These are the portals the party has discovered thus far.

Known Planar Portals
Island Destination Notes
Gnala Acheron Held between the legs of an Archerai. Always active.
Solipsism Plane of Dreams Two access points exist on this island, marked out in the jungle.
First Landing The Moon This doesn't appear to be true planar travel, but it is a Celestian gate. Activated with a key and lunar conditions.
DrnTg Plane of Vacuum Definitely an exit portal, but it may also be an entrance; hasn't been tested.. It's over the island in the air (approx. 100')
Sea Elf Ruins (DrnTg seas) Plane of Vacuum Appears to be bidirectional. Essentially a hole in the ground. Always active.
Sea Elf Ruins (DrnTg seas) Plane of Air Another Celestian gate. Activated with key and song.
Pink Priaprism (Great Fortress) Pocket dimension Created by a hag, this tavern acts as a gateway to a pocket dimension. Activated by a magical oil, the entire tavern shifts into it. Probably not "the" portal for Great Fortress, but it could be.
Pink Priaprism (Great Fortress) Solipsism Somehow, the doorway of the tavern once acted as a gate to Solipsism. It's unknown what activated this event.
Hazy Hamlet (Lull) ? ?
Bone Island ? Existence confirmed by Hags.
Library Island (Fan Empire) no portal Also, the island doesn't seem to experience the Wilding.