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Cycloptic Hag Covey

Three hags, an Anis Hag, a Sea Hag and a Bog Hag, reside on Bone Island and act as the cycloptic matrons of the hag races. The accused the party of stealing artifacts from the hags that the party had killed, and upon their return, was willing to answer questions. Brilla ran the negotiations, after Nathaniel and Fuelwen failed.

The hags oppose Killibron; Killibron wishes to open portals wherever he pleases and merge the worlds and the planes. They offered the party a king's ransom if they bring Killibron to them, so that they may kill him.

Through them, the party learns many facts about the world, and about the cycloptic races.

  1. The cyclops of a race is immortal, but can be killed
  2. After being killed, the cyclops is replenished, somehow
  3. Few cyclopses are actually old enough to remember things like the age of the world, and are likely n-th generation
  4. The effects of the wilding are somehow tied to the planes.
  5. Every island has a portal to the planes.
  6. The sea levels have risen and fallen many times, so "island" may be a relative term.
  7. The map which depicted a vast island that dominated the world is an ancient map that was, at one time, accurate.