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Ethyl was the wench of the Pink Priapism in Great Fortress for 1 Tale of the Teleporting Tavern. She was a mostly-human woman who was very flirtatious and was surprised how the place was successful being run by the retarded NPC/One Thumb

She seemed to have vanished when One Thumb was killed, but in reality, she had turned into the dagger used to kill One Thumb.

She was no mere tavern wench, either. It was she that, at the behest of the Hag, sent the Pink Priaprism into the other world. A fairly powerful artificer, with a fully equipped laboratory, she was working in cahoots with the Hag.

Ethyl claims to be trapped in the dagger, with no idea what caused the transformation. The party agreed to aid her in returning to human form, but she is still a mystery, and is obviously withholding information from the party. Also of note: while in the dream realm, where each party member became their dream self, Ethyl remained a dagger.

Game Statistics

Craft Reserve: 0 (all used on cloak of resistance +2 for Fuelwen)

Normal Form

  • Human (not completely pureblooded) Artificer 6
  • Str 10, Dex 10, Con 10, Int 18, Wis 8, Cha 18
  • Class Features
    • Artificer Knowledge +8 (=CL+INT) vs DC 15 to see if an item is magical. 1 minute
    • Artisan Bonus +2 UMD to anything she can create
    • Trapfinding
    • Item Creation UMD DC 20+CL to emulate needs to make a magic item; effective caster level is 8 (=CL+2)
    • Retain Essence salvage XP from destroyed magic item
    • Metamagic Spell Trigger spend charges to metamagic an item
  • Feats
    • Item Creation
      • Scribe Scroll
      • Brew Potion
      • Craft Wondrous Item
      • Craft Homunculus 2 (=CL-2) hit dice
      • Craft Magic Arms & Armor
    • Normal
      • Human: Poison Use
      • 1st: ?
      • 3rd: ?
      • 6th: ?
      • Artisan 4th level:?
  • Infusions
    • 4/day first level infusions
    • 3/day second level infusions
  • Potentially: 9 APs, 6 DPs
  • Base Scores
    • BAB 4
    • Saves 2/2/5
    • 29 HP
    • 81 skill points at maximum rank 9 (9@9)
      • Skills: Craft (Poison) [free], Knowledge (Arcana) [free], UMD, Spellcraft, Deception, Concentration, Mechanics, Inspect, Linguistics, Influence, 50% Knowledge (The Planes), 50% Anatomy

Dagger Changes

  • Effective Stats: Str -, Dex -, Con -, Int 18, Wis 8, Cha 18
  • Communication: Speech, Telepathy
  • Senses: 30' vision and hearing
  • Ego: at least 23
  • Rough estimate of potential market value: 80k gp
  • Hardness: 14 (as a +2 dagger)
  • Hit Points: 22 (as a +2 dagger)