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Tepu Island


The whole island is a large volcanic bowl. The rim of the caldera rises steeply from the ocean to a height of 7000ft. The caldera is cracked at two points which serve as ports. The bowl is inactive but the rim has two active volcanoes. Geysers and hot water streams are common near the center of the isle.


The most diverse population seen throughout the empire. It has been generations since the expansion of imperial rule and some of the conquered always were kept under watch and mixed with local peoples. Although some local districts remain segregated imperial money has gone to wide roads and bridges to support even the biggest Garl. The original locals were a mixture of birdmen and lizardmen, so snake eyes and feathery scales still remain mostly common.


Two city-states once coexisted on the island before it went into an active volcanic cycle. The two cities went to war over the remaining land. When the volcanoes settled decades later only one emperor remained over a people used to fiery battle. The people of Tepu built ships and went to there nearest neighbors conquering until they ran against the equally aggressive Garls. The long naval war, subjugation, and general lack of nearby navigable enemies led to a long period of bureaucratization.
The civil ministries actually became the power and little concern was shown when the original imperial line actually died out. The ministers eventually concluded so little imperial blood remained that the matter should be handled in a bureaucratic manner. Test for the best candidate and let him bribe his way into office. Such was how Gottfried Detalux became Emperor Fan GD.

Until recently occasional anti-corruption purges kept the citizenry complacent. After a string of naval losses four temples united in pointing to government corruption and the need to return to the fiery morality of the past. They then struck first with ominous lava tides and armies of true believers.

After five years of vicious fighting to put down the revolt, St Cuthbert’s temple was swallowed by the lava fields. This was taken as an omen against the temples, as they had already suffered two years of defeat. The emperor and populace called for a mass purge of the priests that depleted most of the temples to bare sufficiency. The purged priests were either sacrificed or pressed into naval service to stem the pirate trade upon the out-islands.
The present emperor has historic power since nearly all the ministers were his direct appointees because of murders and failures during the revolts. Many of the surrounding territories are worried that Emperor Wei-le Fan may be an able and aggressive leader of a reinvigorated populace.

Garl Island

Positioned on the outskirts of the Fan Empire, Garl is located along established trade lanes to neighboring governments.


A series of atolls around Mt Garl. Heavy seismic activity around Mt Garl is causing most of the atolls to sink. Mt Garl itself is known to regularly vent poisonous gas. Most of the populace now lives on piers or beached vessels. The populated atolls provide freshwater lakes or wells to the fleets that resupply here.


Garlanders are mostly descended from giant races locally referred to as the heroic peoples. Troll, hag, giant, and titan have mixed into a hearty breed of seamen that is rarely attractive. Most of the people are fishermen or aqua culturists. A large shipbuilding industry is carried out here. Most of the imperial merchantmen and naval vessels are built and manned by Garlanders.


Garland was once host to an active pirate fleet that savaged the early Fan Empire. The chaotic raider fleets and captains held competitions to determine dictator for life of the home isles. The last independent dictator, Hun, was an infamous disgraced monk from Tepu. Hun died from wounds suffered during the gladiatorial competition. In his will he ceded his rule to Emperor Wei Jin Fan. If not for the surprise landing of imperial marines with backing from Hun’s fleet, it is unlikely this historic document would ever have been recognized.
The dictatorial games are still held to this day upon the death of the emperor. Ceremonially the winner cedes rulership of Garl to the new emperor. Lesser games are held every seven years to entertain the Garlanders and keep competition sharp for the funereal games. A local monastic order established to honor the last dictator officiates these games. Dark rumor hints that keeping the games ceremonial is one of the least acts of fanatical sabotage they carry out for the emperors.

NPCs and Names

Go Zirra
Fan retired traveler, met on No Man
Yoofling Pu
Nathaniel's asian pseudonym
Shurika Aiko
captain of naval patrol vessel. "favorite meal" is grain with beans.
Ho Pin Chu
A harbormaster at Tepu
Tonfa Chiun
Xi Yifang

Rake's whore; Tonfa Chiun's girl

Bong Long Dong
Seamster, neighbor of Ginko
Ima Ho
Hung So Lo
Emperor's summer home guard
Wang Long
Doo Doo Pi
Cow Pee (inspired by Cao Pi
So Ho Ni
Lu + So Seung's adopted son.
So Seung
Lu's consort. Mother of children, including "Mother" of So Ho Ni.
Bi Butsu
Deng's druid/assassin. Employed at the emperor's summer home as groundskeeper.
Do Deng
Merchant who is blackmailing Bo's family