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From Drinking and Dragons
  • GP: 24938.4
Monk's Outfit 2#
Spell Component Pouch 2#
Holy Symbol
Healer's Kit 1#
Mw Sculpting Tools 5#
Leather Barding
Longspear Mw 9#
Mithril Chainshirt 12.5#
  • Dastana Mw Death Ward (+1) 5#
Chahar-Aina Mw 5#
  • Arms-Caduceus Bracers[MIC84:2000] Trade 5 healing to remove 1 ability dmg, dazed, fatigued, or sickened. Can trade more for variety of effects.
  • Body-Skin of Ectoplasmic Armor[CP110:3000] +8 armor bonus, max dex +2, armor check -6.
  • Hands-Gauntlets of the Talon[MIC103:4000] Gain claw atk and unarmed can do slashing dmg. +5Mnk lvls for AC, ki strike, and unarmed dmg. Sacrifice 5th lvl spell to make ghost-touch and +4 to grapple.
  • Head-Circlet of Persuasion[DMG252:4500] +3 competence bonus on charisma checks.
  • Torso-Dispelling Cord[MIC94:1000] 5/day Sw action grants +2 competence bonus to dispel checks for 1 turn.
  • Throat-Periapt of Wisdom +2
  • Pearl of Power 1
  • Snowglobe of Power 2 It is an Asian new year village scene with red and yellow glittery snow. Caster Level 3 -- bound to Ethyl since Igoriana's death.
  • They are jingly Bells of Protection +1. When the full set of eight are sewn to clothing (slotless), they provide a +1 deflection bonus to AC. However, they provide a -5 penalty to hide and move silently checks due to their shiny reflections and soothing tingly noises. They also allow once per day for the wearer to apply "Extend" to any low-level enchantment spell he casts, as if he were using a Lesser Metamagic Rod of Extend.
  • Wand of Charm Animal (20 charges) also works like a staff in that using 5 charges casts Animal Messenger
  • Iouan Stone - iridescent spindle breathe w/out air
  • Least Rod of Silent Spells [1-3; 3/day]
  • Potion of Jump around Ko's neck


Light: 26
Medium: 53
Heavy: 80
Carried Load: #39