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False Immortality

There are many roads to immortality; however those who harm others or avoid appearing before the lords of hell at the appointed time are in for fearful reckoning. The heavenly court of the jade emperor sends a notice of cancellation to the lords of the dead long before an enlightened immortal was set to appear. The yama kings severely punish the tardy yet some lost immortals see worse fates. In times near forgot, before the yama kings, the three officials of the damned ruled the citadel of the night and certain immortals are preventing their retirement.

Dreaming Immortals

Sleep is one of the most important tools for strengthening body, mind, and spirit. Acknowledging this some dedicate themselves to the art of sleep. First they practice diligently to deepen and lengthen their sleeping hours. Eventually they are able to attain a profound sleep of some fifty years wherein they cast off aging. During a profound sleep they gain control over their sleeping minds and use dreams as a learning tool. In there dreams they imagine new lives and eventually are able to touch the dreams of others to learn about the waking world.
Dreamers have difficulty fitting in to society since they are only awake for a few weeks each century. Having attained an enlightened sleep they find it difficult to sleep for less than a few decades. Furthermore it is difficult to rouse them and might be buried or harmed while slumbering. Even contacting there mind or spirit becomes difficult and risks drawing one into the immortals dream world.
Since dreamers do no harm to themselves or others some speculate it may be another method to enlightenment. Myths speak that they are merely biding there time to awaken and serve against the forces of the apocalypse. In that future they will prove themselves to the Supreme Heaven of the Jade Emperor.

Enlightened Immortals

Mortals who achieve enlightenment become one with the universe and achieve an immortal spirit. Since there spirit is immortal they begin work on corporeal perfection to lengthen there every incarnation. Eventually the body and mind are united allowing them to ascend past even the heavens of the Jade Emperor. The enlightened study to refine there internal alchemy to perfect an elixir of immortality. Each stage of refinement brings them closer to understanding the perfection of the cosmos.
During the first refinement they perfect there control over there incarnation and never look older than there sixties. As they progress through further refinements they become younger.
During the second refinement they learn to ride the white crane. It is the symbol of purity and the yin. The immortal learns about the unity of the yin and yan.
During the third refinement they learn to ride the Kirin. Sometimes this is also translated as a unicorn. The immortal learns about the circulation of light through past, present, and future.
During the fourth refinement they learn to ride the dragon. They seek out each of the cardinal dragon kings and exchange gifts. Often they visit with many of the lesser dragons. These gifts relate to the energy of the elements.
During the fifth refinement they learn to ride the phoenix. The phoenix teaches the immortal how to combine sovereignty of the elements.
During the sixth refinement they learn to ride the white tiger. They will spend time in the wilderness perfecting the gift of yin blood.
During the seventh refinement they are supposed to present themselves to the court of the yama kings. Unfortunately no such meeting has occurred since an ancient prank caused both parties to be rude and insulting. The immortal starts developing a second spiritual body.
During the eighth refinement they enter the heavenly court. Usually they laughedly turn down a position within the court but rumor states the Jade Emperor would bestow the gift of the seven jewels which includes deification. The immortal perfect there immortal child from there second spirit.
During the ninth refinement they achieve ubiquity. This is a power beyond godhood often called the nine times nine selves. At some point they leave there immortal child behind and become one with the universe.


Intend to keep his word of honor, when he gives it. However, if things change, well…

Avoid lies, except in fun.
Cheat whenever necessary.
Will not kill an unarmed foe, but will take advantage of the situation.
Never harm an innocent.
Will not use torture unless absolutely necessary.
Never kill for pleasure.
Usually help those in need.
Refuse to take any position of authority, except in a short-term emergency.
Ignore the law and rules, whenever he can get away with it. However, he will never violate the law for personal gain.
Usually mock authority.
Usually, but not always, stick by a friend.
Self-centered, not selfish


  • Full name: Bo Beng
  • Birth date: GY-41
  • Birth order (eldest, second, youngest, etc.): Middle in a clutch of eight. Only his elder sister is still alive. Po is recovering from injuries and watching over his household.
  • Parents (or Guardian) and parent’s occupations as well as additional family information: Mother died in the revolts. Father is a deacon on an imperial trade mission due back in 2 years.

All of his children are married adults. Eldest Lu is a bureaucrat. Li married a doctor. Hu manages the Flowering Ash shrine. Xi married a knight.

  • Major childhood influences, traumas, events, emotional wounds: Four of his siblings died of avian flu during childhood. All of the others were killed during the revolts of the last five years.
  • Talents: Accomplished accupuncturist and housekeeper.
  • Flaws, vulnerabilities: Slow, perfectionist
  • Strengths: Scholarly, patient
  • Religious affiliation/Patron Diety: Mershaulk
  • Attitudes, personality type-introvert or extrovert, optimist or pessimist: Patient optomist. Used to be recognized in the community.
  • Primary relationships, marital status and capacity for intimacy: He has been a widower for eight years. Has not met anyone to equal his dead wife.
  • Occupation: Tutor
  • Education: Studied under a famous master of Hung Gar, he tested well enough to enter imperial service.
  • Taste in clothes: Favors yellow even though it looks terrible on him.
  • Food preferences: Trying to stick to a simple diet. Often finds excuses to eat a little more.
  • Health habits: Bathes regularly and tries to avoid rich foods. So very hard.
  • Recreation activities or hobbies: Martial arts
  • Pets: Loves ophidians of all types, other animals have their uses.
  • Favorite possessions: Wife's pen
  • Mannerisms, expressions, gestures: Needs more cowbell.
  • Worst physical trait: Short
  • Best physical trait: Belly, nice and plump
  • Reason he or she is motivated: Depradations of spirits. Doesn't want people to form bad opinions of their ancestors.
  • 2 Enemies: Sifu Ren-Angry at his student for settling down instead of entering imperial service. Deng Lu-Blames him for her eldest son's failure of imperial tests.
  • 2 Friends: Uncle Bob-Meddlesome bovine. Ferrets out secrets and encourages young heroes. Bobak Surari-Neanderthal ronin who exposed the perfidy of his lord's ally.
  • Reactions under stress: Pull his children under cover and protect them.
  • Lifestyle (poor, moderate, rich, luxury): As head of his household in his elder sister's absence was rich. Adapting to his mendicant circumstances.
  • Goals, long and short term: Trying to establish interfaith cooperation. Also trying to restore peoples hope by exemplifying heroic ideals.


After his youngest daughters amrriage he had a long talk with his sister. Po was placed on extended medical leave after losing her left leg in service of the imperial marines. She insisted that with all his children grown it was time he took up the dreams of his youth. Although he couldn't enter imperial service, it wasn't too late for him to take to the road as a mendicant monk. After the temple revolts no one in the empire asked for temple aid, and none of the surviving priests had the time to give it. Except for the capital cities most of the districts were having trouble with spirits and disease.

Po promised to look after his family in exchange for him meeting with a traveling scholar named Seigfried. Bo made arrangements to transfer everything to his sister and informing his children of his intention to travel. Although he insisted it was just to visit hot springs, Xi insisted he take one her husbands guard dogs. He then met with Seigfried and was intrigued by the circumstances described in the out-islands. More impressive than his oratory were his caution and urge to properly prepare for the unexpected upon the trade routes.

Bo Beng has encountered some trouble but mostly it has been in dealing with hardship and loneliness. Thankfully he has a surrogate child in the form of Ko to insctruct. So far he has had information on where to travel by way of Uncle Bob. He seems to have informants in many places. Uncle Bob must be a formidable merchant to have such dispirate contacts. Know Bo is becoming worried because his latest contact of the Uncle's men has not appeared in four days. That is a very ill number.