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  • Full name: Splat
  • Birth date: At some point. Splat doesn't really remember. It was awhile ago. Maybe one year, maybe one hundred. But tomorrow is its birthday! Tomorrow is always its birthday.
  • Birth order (eldest, second, youngest, etc.): The only archon/ooze hybrid in its family, but it grew up with dozens of puddles when its mother split into its siblings. They were horrible conversationalists.
  • Parents (or Guardian) and parent’s occupations as well as additional family information: Its Lantern Archon parent dallied with an ooze and was never again seen, and its mother split into dozens of clones shortly after it was born, so Splat had to make sure they found nice depressions to mature in.
  • Major childhood influences, traumas, events, emotional wounds: There was once a bad person, and Splat killed them. There may have been many bad people, but Splat killed the others too. It doesn't remember too well, but that's not really relevant, is it? Life is good!
  • Talents: Splat goes splat! YAY!
  • Flaws, vulnerabilities: Flightiness
  • Strengths: Eternal optimism
  • Religious affiliation/Patron Diety:
  • Attitudes, personality type–introvert or extrovert, optimist or pessimist: Those are long words. I'm happy, and everybody is awesome.
  • Primary relationships, marital status and capacity for intimacy: Um… no.
  • Occupation: Distraction
  • Education: None. If anything, I'd say -4th grade.
  • Taste in clothes: OOH! SHINY BRIGHT FABRICS? AWESOME. Awwww… it dissolved on me. Wait! I know! I'll just drink dye! YAY!
  • Food preferences: Anything it can dissolve.
  • Health habits:
  • Recreation activities or hobbies: Making friends. Killing the bad person.
  • Pets:
  • Favorite possessions: It dissolves nearly everything it touches.
  • Mannerisms, expressions, gestures: SPLAT.
  • Worst physical trait: It's an ooze.
  • Best physical trait: It glows in the dark.
  • Reason he or she is motivated: YAY! What? Isn't life wonderful? I want to do everything wonderful! And, probably, get to the Seven Heavens, at some point. I mean, my dad is there, right? That could be really cool! I totally want to do that. But it's a really long way. And, um, I get lost real easy.
  • 2 Enemies:
    • The bad person. There's only one bad person, but sometimes Splat has to kill it again and again. And again. There are lots of good people though. (In practical terms, Splat has no real enemies, although there are plenty of people that find it annoying. Fuelwen will be one of them)
  • 2 Friends:
    • I'm lost. I don't have any friends here. Once, there was this Cyclops that gave me a candy and then he pet me, and didn't mind that my acid burned him and then I had to go potty and I burned a hole in the ground and then I got lost.
    • Oh! And there was this one kitty, and we hunted rats together. It was fun, but the kitty tried to steal a rat out of me and lost its paw. I was so sad. But we were friends for a long time after, until the kitty got old and died.
  • Reactions under stress: Is it the bad person? I'll kill him, again. I don't like the bad person.
  • Lifestyle (poor, moderate, rich, luxury): Poor. Consider the fact that its acid dissolves metal, and you will note the problem of Splat handling money or owning equipment.
  • Goals, long and short term: Long term, it would like to go to the Celestial plane of Heaven and find its daddy. Near term, it wants to kill the bad person.
  • One sentence character summary: I want to be a mongoose dog.

Splat on Gnala

Splat isn't entirely sure where it is, but that isn't unusual for Splat. It came here on a boat, paying for passage as a rat killer and lookout (and light source), but it doesn't remember which boat it was. And none of the boats in port are going to Celestia. And everyone's so busy, and no one wants to be its friend. And the bad person was there for a minute, but Splat dissolved his head. Now the city guards don't want to be Splat's friend, even though Splat is a good person! Splat has a sad.