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Concept: Proud predator, seeks to improve his lot in life by completing a difficult quest on behalf of the god Sekolah.

  • Full name: Fuelwen
  • Birth date: Late Spring
  • Birth order (eldest, second, youngest, etc.): Youngest of 6 surviving children. His parents had 2 clutches before him, each of about 60 eggs. He is the only survivor in his clutch.
  • Parents (or Guardian) and parent’s occupations as well as additional family information: Falkah; poor farmers in a hunting/war focused civilization.
  • Major childhood influences, traumas, events, emotional wounds: A child of Falkah is looked down upon, and likely cursed to follow in their parents' footsteps
  • Talents: A little bit of everything. Gifted in attributes, he's above average in everything, with a skillset focused on being a good hunter.
  • Flaws, vulnerabilities: A hungry predator, his diplomacy is poor. He sees negotiation as weakness.
  • Strengths: Smart, cunning, and driven.
  • Religious affiliation/Patron Deity: Sekolah, the shark god.
  • Attitudes, personality type–introvert or extrovert, optimist or pessimist: Introverted fatalist. Has the attitude that one decides what one is going to do, and does it. Obstacles are bypassed, or they defeat you. Optimism or pessimism is alien to him.
  • Primary relationships, marital status and capacity for intimacy: He has few friends among his people. In Gnala, he is friendly with the old scribe in the library, as well as a few of the captains that visit this port regularly. Unmarried, and uninterested in such things until he completes his quest. However, he's a teenage male. While intelligent and driven, he's still flushed with hormones.
  • Occupation: Quester/Hunter
  • Education: Taught hunting through his community, booklearned by sitting in the Gnala library for ages.
  • Taste in clothes: Not much. Some coral jewelry, and armor if he expects combat. His genitals are internal, so body modesty doesn't come up much. He wears a loincloth for decoration; it's beaded with coral decorations.
  • Food preferences: Meat, preferably from something aquatic. Will not eat magically created food.
  • Health habits: Well kept, he works to keep himself in good physical condition, and is fastidious about cleanliness- in the water, any clinging particulates can be carried away to let your prey get your scent.
  • Recreation activities or hobbies: Avid reader. Enjoys games of strategy and skill. Excellent luqash player. Violent physical games are his favorite sports.
  • Pets: Small tiger shark named Sekk.
  • Favorite possessions: He grew up dirt poor. He owned very little, aside from the equipment he just purchased and his luqash bow.
  • Mannerisms, expressions, gestures: He won't speak unless he has something to say. He won't move if he doesn't have something to do. Every action he takes is deliberate. When he smiles, it's all tentacle and beak. Sharp, pointy, nasty beak.
  • Worst physical trait: Octopus tentacles.
  • Best physical trait: Dead, black shark's eyes.
  • Reason he or she is motivated: To break the legacy of being the child of Falkah and return to his people as a great hunter.
  • 2 Enemies:
    • One: Sutos, an older child from a long line of successful hunters. Sutos was little more than a bully, but tougher and stronger than Fuelwen. Their conflict came to a head when Sutos followed Fuelwen to his secret gold stash and attempted to steal it. Fuelwen sent him home battered and bloody.
    • Two: Arlwen, the town priestess. In a dream, she received a prophecy: Fuelwen would be her death. She didn't know how, or why, or when. When Fuelwen approached her for a quest, she ignored the actual instructions of Sekolah and instead invented her own quest for him, as impossible as possible. She knows that he will not return unless he succeeds, and trusts that this means he will never return.
  • 2 Friends:
    • One: Carn Agi, the scribe/librarian of Gnala. Desperate to preserve written records, Carn has enlisted Fuelwen's aid a scribe on many occasions. Carn enjoyed seeing a young man so intent on reading and learning who was so careful with the fragile and rapidly decayed scrolls.
    • Two: Burrow, the Kobold captain of Pike's Pick, a merchant vessel that was nearly robbed on several occasions. As a teenager, Fuelwen worked security for him and thwarted the attempts. When would-be robbers attempted to bribe him, he broke their arms, took the bribe money, and chucked them into the bay.
  • Reactions under stress: Calm. Everything boils down to "eat or be eaten". He intends to be the eater, not the eatee. He doesn't worry about failure, though: if he's not good enough, he's not good enough. Better dead than Falkah.
  • Lifestyle (poor, moderate, rich, luxury): Poor.
  • Goals, long and short term: Complete his quest, take his place in the Algol-Nun hunting parties.
  • One sentence character summary: Fuelwen is a deadly predator and sees the world in the terms of hunter and prey.