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Fuelwen's Rules of Conquest


  1. Never fight for fighting's sake. Fight for land, for duty, to test ones mettle, or to assert power. Battle is not its own end.
  2. There is no room for mercy.
  3. There is no room for spite.


  1. Speak the language. No one will be ruled by one not fluent in their native tongue.
  2. Study battles. Understand them, be able to visualize them in your mind. Memorize every aspect of them.
  3. Act. Do not delay. Let your training think for you.


  1. The terrain is itself a weapon. If you can choose the terrain, you will win the battle. If you cannot choose the terrain, but know it better than your enemy, you can rout them.
  2. The ability to act defensively is as key as being able to conquer.
  3. A battle evaded is a battle won.