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Isla de los poetas muertos (Island of the dead poets)

About the island itself

The most noticeable feature of this island is that within it's crescent shape the water of the sea goes under the island, into a large, cavernous region referred to as the UnderOcean. Explorations into the UnderOcean have showed it to be vast and dark, home to sea going creatures of the dark.

The crescent shape of the island is primarily made of one large land mass, with smaller islands forming the tips of the crescent shape. The smaller islands are home to some of the more powerful rulers of the island.

There is an aura around the island that empowers dark energies. Undead creatures heal on the island and dark magics are more potent. Naturally the island's population is nearly 100 percent intelligent undead.


The inhabitants of the island are known as the League of Eternal Knowledge, an organization dedicated to the collection and preservation of all knowledge in the world. No historical record has information about the formation of the League, but in it's libraries exists much of the world's knowledge.

The League has many factions, each focusing on different aspects of knowledge and culture:

  • Order of Eternal Recitation, focusing of oral traditions
  • The Illuminated Collective, focusing on preserving fine art (painting, sculptures, etc.)
  • Library of the Dead, focusing on collecting the world's written knowledge

There are other groups, dedicated to more specific knowledge and culture collecting, such as poetry, war tactics, etc.

Ruling circle

Each of the factions has a leader (or leaders) who are members of the Board of Directors for the League of Eternal Knowledge. The Board of Directors meet about once a century to plan the upcoming centuries agenda.

Notable figures

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Little is know about the UnderOcean, as it is nearly impossible (without the aid of magic), to sail a vessel against the water streaming down into it.

What is known about the UnderOcean is that is seems to be as vast as the regular ocean, except that it seems to be completely underground. It's native population seems to be a combination of underground creatures, such as Drow and Duergar, and some Illithids.

It is rumored that the UnderOcean is not actually a part of the world, but a planar space between the Negative Energy plane and the Plane of Shadow, but no one has been able to produce any evidence to substantiate this claim.