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The Seawolf's Folly aka Red Tide

The ship is owned in equal shares by Brilla, Nathaniel Ashtoft, Fuelwen, Rake, Ethyl.

It's relatively shallow draft and needs a crew of only 20 to sail optimally. Ten can get it going. With cargo, it tops off at about about 50. It can carry a total of 60 tons. Compare to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xebec (page 24, "Broadsides Naval Adventures"). To buy a brand new one of these ships would be about 25,000 GP. Does not have oars.


  • 6 ballista (3d8, 19-20. 120'. p107 Stormwrack). Mounted, but able to be moved with much effort.
  • 10 heavy crossbows (in armory)
  • 10 bastard swords
  • 10 clubs
  • 10 light crossbows
  • 10 suits of leather armor
  • 20 fire bolts for ballista (normal + alchemical fire)
  • Aspect Mirror (visual only) paired with the one in Pink Priapism


Exports from Barradin



  • Captain: Brilla
  • First Mate: Deenar
  • Quartermaster: Fuelwen
  • Cook: Bo
  • Navigator: Fuelwen
  • Medical: Bo
  • Delconner
  • Quineus
  • TskTsk


  • 6 criminals from Garl (Rogue 1, Swashbuckler 1)
  • 12 basic sailors
    • Each has a contingent spell, Vigor, Lesser, that will go off when at or below zero.


  • Ghost (monster manual example, except with draining touch)
  • Lavelle - ghost

Command of Command

  • 1st: Brilla
  • 2nd: Deenar
  • 3rd: Fuelwen: Immediate for when the ship is under siege
  • 4th: Ethyl
  • 5th: Bo: Immediate for injuries and possession
  • 6th: Delconner
  • 7th: TskTsk
  • 8th: Quineus

Ship's Orders

In case the ship is abandoned by the PCs for long periods of time (as it often is), there are orders left for Deenar to carry out. They follow as below.

Pirate.gif Brilla: Sometimes our travels take us out of our way. These are the ships standing orders so that take over when the officers are away for extended periods of time. The chain of command stands as it is listed and the current acting captain is to carry these orders to the best of their ability.

If the away team, currently consisting of Brilla, Fuelwen, Bo, and Tsk'Tsk, are away for more than two weeks time without communication with the ship, the ship is to continue business with the local islands, attempting to return to port every 2 to 3 weeks.

After two months, the ship is to continue business in an extended circle around the island where we were missing. There should be returns to the island every two months at this point.

After six months, the ship is expected to conduct the most profitable business that it can. It is requested that the ship visits the inn run by Pinky One-horn every 6-8 months in case we do return. Communication with the inn can also be met with the mirror on the ship. Do be sure to check with the inn here and there to see if word was had by us.

Thank you for your compliance with this and I wish great profit and happiness in our absence.