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Name: Dalt
Gender: m
Rank: Lesser Deity
Areas of Concern/Portfolio: Portals, Doors, Enclosures, Locks, Keys
Holy Symbol: A locked door with a skeleton key under it
Alignment: CG
Favored Weapon: Dagger
Weapon of the Deity Spell: +1 shock dagger
Domains: Chaos, Good, Liberation* (CD), Protection, Travel, Trickery.
Description: Dalt (DAHLT) was forgotten for many years while he sought to free his brother Vatun; he is once again recognized as a god, although still primarily venerated by the Suloise people in the southeast. He talks with other gods of the Flanaess (except Telchur) in order to solicit help in his quest. Dalt is shown as an old man with wild white hair and piercing eyes or as a red-haired young thief. His symbol is a locked door with a skeleton key under it. "Confront obstacles from different angles until a solution presents itself." Dalt is constantly trying to build a better mousetrap while being the better mouse. His name is used to bless fortresses, prisons, and chests of valuables, as well as the construction of new homes. His churches tend to be a mix of clerics who lock things and those who open them, each side seeing the need for the other. Clerics of Dalt are much like their god, tinkering in workshops, building locks and traps, then turning around and trying to figure a way to undo their own work. They teach their building skills to carpenters, masons, and locksmiths, while training aspiring thieves and spies in the locksmith arts, although they only choose those who would use their talents for the greater good. They firmly believe in guarding valu¬ables from those who would use them for selfish ends, and liberating goods from those who don't deserve to own them. They like to wander about cities and dungeons, looking for situations that would challenge their skills. Ceremonial garb includes a black jerkin and fine black leather gloves.