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Tower Shield and Attack Spells

http://www.d20srd.org/srd/equipment/armor.htm#shieldTower http://www.d20srd.org/srd/magicOverview/spellDescriptions.htm#aimingASpell

Any spell with a line with "Target:" works (or those that are AoE). Those without it do not. Eldritch Blast is described as a ray.

Examples that do (with an attack roll)

  • shocking grasp
  • inflict
  • black tentacles
  • chill touch

That do not

  • scorching ray
  • acid arrow
  • disintegrate


  • meteor swarm

Found info about tower shield

Magical Attacks: A tower shield’s effects on magical attacks depend on the kind of magical attack. Any attack aimed at your equipment is aimed at you. If a magical attack has you as a specific target (that is it does not merely affect the area that contains you but is aimed right at you), the shield has no effect. All rays fall into this category, as does any spell that has a Target entry in its header and any spell that has an Effect entry and affects creatures (provided, of course, that the attacker can and does choose the shield user as a target). Magical attacks that fill areas (bursts, cones, cylinders, lines, emanations, and spreads) are subject to all the rules for cover on page 151 of the PH. Such attacks are completely blocked if line of effect between you and the attack’s point of origin passes through the side of your space the shield blocks. You get cover (+4 AC, +2 on Reflex saves) if the magical attack’s line of effect passes through the corner of the blocked side. Spread effects reach around the shield if they normally would extend into your space, but you still get a Reflex save bonus for cover when they do. A gaze attack is blocked if the shield would give you total cover against attacks from the creature with the gaze attack. If the shield gives you cover only, you’re still subject to the gaze attack (although you could avert or close your eyes to avoid the attack).

This is from the F&Q, though it is my understanding now that we dismiss it entirely. The FAQ makes does make sense in this instance, though, as otherwise we would be rolling for damage to all equipment with every area attack since they would all be considered separate entities. If the tower shield was planted into the ground and let go it would be a separate story since now it is basically just a wall (and would probably be a move action to plant or remove).

Also, you still have to TARGET someone with a ray.

My 2 cents.


Lurk 6
5d6 = 10-30; 22
FRW 2/5/5 = 2/9/4
Lurk Augment
Psionic Sneak Attack +1d6
Initiative Boost +INT
Power Points: 20, Powers Known 6, Max Level: 2 (1,1,1,2,2,2)
Skill Points: 4+INT
1 Initiative (1/2) = +4 +3 +1d4 = +7+1d4
2 Stealth -1+4+9=12
3 Notice -1+9=8
4 Inspect -1+9=8
Human Psicraft -1+9=8
Int1 Athletics +1+9=10
Int2 Acrobatics -1+4+9=12
Int3 Deception -1+9=8
FreeK Knowledge (Tactics) -1+9=8
FreeP Profession (Bowyer) -1+9=8


1: PRS
3: Improved Initiative
6: Psionic Shot

Sneak Attack +1d6, and +1d6 per 2.
Unfocusing: Will Save (10+INT) or lose psionic focus)
Solid Strike: +2 damage, +1 per 1.
Stunning Attack: DC 10+INT or stun. +1 DC per 2.
Ignore Concealment
Mental assault 2 points of Int or Wis, +1 per 2.


MW Comp Longbow (Str +1) (110, +9, 1d8 x3)
MW Chain Shirt +4/-1 = AC 18 (touch 14, FF 14)
MW Halberd (10', +5, 1d10+1 x3)

Powers: extend reach, moment of insight, biofeedback, synesthete, sensory gloom, precognition, offensive