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Merchant who is blackmailing Bo's family. To summarize the key points:

  • Bo's son was without an heir, and secretly adopted a son.
  • The son was the child of one of Deng's consort's attendants sister, who is an attendant of So Seung.
  • Do Deng became aware of this and used it as leverage to blackmail Bo's son.
  • Since Deng had valuable interests on Garl, he agitated for independence from the Fan empire, and forced Bo's son to support him.
  • Theoretically, once Uncle Bob gains a hold over Deng, this influence will end.

Tactics info

  • Class levels are at least Warlock 6 (to gain lesser invocation), Bard 2 (to gain 1st level spells), and Hexblade 4 (to gain Dark Companion). It is known that he is CR13.
  • Wears lamellar armor (breast plate-ish)
  • Dark Companion (-2 AC/Saves when adjacent to it only. Cannot effect you if you share it's space)
  • Party identified the following invocations:
    • Leaps and Bounds (+6 to misc. acrobatics/athletics skills)
    • Beguiling Influence (+6 to misc. interaction skills)
    • Devil's Sight (see through magical and mundane darkness)
    • Entropic Warding (always entropic shield and pass without trace)
    • See the Unseen (always see invisibility and darkvision)
    • Spider Walk (always spiderwalk; immune to webs)
    • Flee the Scene (close-range dimension door with major image left behind for 1 round)
  • Spell seen: Amplify
  • Was told by DM that he was below half HP when he escaped. It's possible that his druid may heal him some.

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