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I make too much plot for my players. The ultimate curse and blessing.

Classes and Prc's I've made

Divine Champion A Domain based divine caster.

Valkyrie A norse warrior woman that calls the souls of the fallen to fight with her.

Harpell Paragon Because the Harpell family should be treated as their own race.

Psionic Templates A mix of psionic themed templates for Bill.

Eldrich Pactmaster A binder/warlock character that takes some of the flavor of the Anima mage but fit for a warlock (which in my opinion, makes more sense for a binder than a wizard/sorcerer).

Ultra Club There was some discussion about a club build earlier and I figure I'll post the most nasty club build I can. I have to thank Daryl for his use of Druidic Avenger cheese that didn't first come to me for rage.

Warden of the Fire Dragon A divine class for the males of the Ssethergore empire.

Feral Spirit A class substitution the removes animal companion from druid and replaces it with this ability that grants beastial abilities.


Characters that are past, present, and future. Here