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Without a memory the journals of Annalana Love are the sum of her knowledge.


  • Everything gets written in the era book using the convention "Book of [Era Name]".
  • "The Index" is updated daily with highlights, facts, and references.
  • When a book is complete, a concise summary is added to "Abridged Love"
  • Section notation is [day]:[section].


  • "The Index" is a quick overview of her recent history, important facts and references to her books.
  • "Abridged Love" is a massive single tome that has concise summaries of all the Books of Love.
  • Currently writing in "Book of a Noble Attempt"

Previous books

The following books are listed in order from oldest to newest.

  • "Book of the Siege of the Deep, the Surface Skirmishes" is one of many books from her tour in the Siege of the Deep
  • "Book of the Siege of the Deep, Battle of the Lost Forge"
  • "Book of a Noble Attempt" is her attempt at living a good life.

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