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Race: Holy One
Class: Cleric
Level (Tier): 4 (Adv)


STR 14 +2 +6
CON 14 +2 +6
DEX 8 −1 +3
INT 12 +1 +5
WIS 22 +6 +10
CHA 9 −1 +3


Init: 3
HP: 52
Staggered: 26
AC: 19
PD: 16
MD: 16+1(from hat)
Recoveries: 8
Roll: level-d8+1 (19)
Average: 0

Basic Attacks

Direflail of Ictl
Heavy, Two-Handed
Target: One enemy
Attack: 2(STR) + 3 vs. AC
Hit: level-D10 + 2 damage
Miss: Damage equal to level;

Virkil Throwing Axe (Ranged Attack)
Target: One enemy
Attack: -1 + 3 vs. AC
Hit: 1D6 + -0

One Unique Thing

Cleric of the Lost, Dead and Forgotten Gods

Icon Relationships

50px 1 50px 1 50px 1 For this level only : ???


  • Archaeologist of Ancient and Forgotten Wisdom: 5
  • Initiate of the Lost Warrior Tradition of K'nun: 2
  • Walking Rosetta Stone: 3
  • Cantor in the Cathedral: 2
  • Revelations of the Dark Gods: 3 (item)

Class Features

All clerics know Heal.
Ritual Magic
Cast any spell as a ritual


Gain +4 background points to be used on lore-related skills
Invocation: at the start of a battle, roll 1D6. When the escalation die >= that, you can allow an ally to reroll an attack with a +2 bonus thanks to your vision of the future.
1/day, take a nat-20 on a knowledge check
You can wield heavy/martial weapons without an attack penalty
Invocation: this battle, your allies deal 3x damage on crits
Once per level, you can generate a one-point conflicted relationship with a heroic or ambiguous icon you do not already have a relationship with. Change each level.
Invocation: As a free action, you or an ally of your choice can reroll a relationship die when it is dramatically appropriate.


Linguist (adv)
This feat allows you to speak enough arcana, dwarven, elven, gnomish, gnoll, goblin, orcish, and other standard humanoid languages to comprehend enough of what most other humanoids are saying or screaming during battle. You are not fluent in all these languages, no one will mistake you for a native speaker, and your vocabulary is adventurer-centric (heavy on words connected to danger rather than philosophy or emotions). You can also read enough to get by in all these languages.
Heal (adv-feat)
Heal can target a nearby ally.
Javelin of Faith (adv-feat)
Against an undamaged target, deal +1d6 damage. (+2d6 @ 5th, +4d6 @ 8)
Knowledge (adv-feat)
Once per day, take a natural 20 on a knowledge check (per GM)



Racial (Free)
Effect: gain a +2 bonus to defenses until you're hit
Target: Self


405 Gold Piece

  • Belt of Holy Symbols
  • Prayer book(s)
  • Lantern
  • Iron chain
  • Magical Hat (Hat of Heart's Contents) (+1 MD, 1/day pull anything out, has a salacious connotation. Quirk of minor kleptomania)
  • Owlbeartross Egg

Typical Arms

  • Direflail of Ictl (Heavy)
  • Virkil Throwing Axe (thrown)
  • Black Plate of the Spiderqueen (Heavy)

True Magic Items

Salicious Hat
Head. A little kleptomaniacal, hiding stolen things under hat.
+1 MD
Daily: create a common-enough item, as long as it fits through the brim.
Scroll of Darkness
Book & Implement. If this item takes over, you're evil as shit
3 point background Revelations of the Dark Gods



Excepteur, sint, occaecat, cupidatat, non, proident, sunt, in, culpa, qui, officia, deserunt, mollit, anim, id, est, laborum.

Arms Chart

1h 2h Thrown Xbow Bow
Small 1d4 1d6 1d4 1d4 n/a
Light 1d6 1d8 1d6 1d6 1d6 (-2)
Heavy 1d8 1d10 n/a 1d8 (-1) 1d8(-5)
Type AC Penalty
None 10
Light 12
Heavy 14
Shield +1

Incremental Advances


Physical Description
Elistheren is a rather cadaverous vision of a holy one, for it has trucked with death and dark places for so long, it must have been altered by the experience. Gone is the glow of light, and instead there's only whispers and cobwebs. Frequent attempts at ritiual sacrification will mar Elistheren's skin with constantly healing scars- the body of the Holy One repairs the damage over time.
Mannerisms Description
Elistheren's first "Dead God" was the Spiderqueen, and something in the Spiderqueen's nature has impacted its movement- Elistheren crawls across the world like a spider.
Personal (non-Icon) Goals
Revive the worship of dead and forgotten gods, gods that have been lost to time, and worship them- until someone else can be found to carry the worship forward.
Action Heuristic (c.f., alignment)
The acquisition of knowledge is a goal in itself, and knowledge itself is a weapon- like a weapon, it can neither be good or evil itself, but only in its application.
Primarily worships Vili, the Spiderqueen of the extinct Bilikishi tribe (which practiced ritual scarification as part of its worship spiders/scars), Epthis (goddess of the space between two pages of a book and writing backwards in mirrors) and Kstilish (a god whose only known myth says he hated trees- hatred trees/shrubs).
Family, hometown, city/region of origin?
Elistheren's father was a Deacon of the Cathedral. Frustrated with what he saw as a decadent and misguided world outside of the Cathedral's walls, he ventured into the hinterlands to bring the light of the Priestess into the world.
Heretics of the Lich King weren't terribly fond of that. They killed him, and attempted to turn his corpse into an undead servant. Elistheren sprung from the corpse in a holy explosion that killed the Heretics. Its father's escorts brought Elistheren back to the Cathedral to be raised as a cleric.
Elistheren participated in Church rites, rising to the rank of Cantor, its holy voice was often praised for its beauty and clarity. Elistheren did not care for the complicments, did not enjoy its time in the Cathedral, and generally felt the entire experience was hollow.
Elistheren left to wander the world, and experience life without religious guidance, a sort of "rumpsringa", as it were. It found life outside the Cathedral just as empty and just as meaningless. Drugs and drink provided little distraction. The fleshpots of the cities were even less interesting to Elistheren.
It fell in with some criminals, and then quickly fell out, and was left in the wilderness to die. Wandering through the jungle, Elistheren took shelter in a cave. Hearing sounds and whispers, Elistheren delved deeper into the cave, and became lost. After many days of wandering, parched, starving, and nearly blind in the darkness, Elistheren stumbled across a the remains of an underground village. These were the Bilikishi. There was a well. There were overgrown farms of cave fungus. Most important- there was a shrine. There were scrolls. Elistheren had rediscovered the Spider Queen.
Catchphrase, theme song, etc
I once read of a…
Languages Determined
Low Imperial, all commonly-spoken languages
Graphic Representation (icon for maps)