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elistheren gods

  • Epthis (goddess of the space between the pages of a book and writing in mirrors backwards)
  • Garuga (sewers and water that flows uphill)
  • Lerbahl - the god mosquitos and hidden meals
  • Winsay - Goddess of Mornings and Breezes (spontaneously created goddess)
  • Doren (closed doors and the deaf) - used hand chants for worship (taught some scoundrels a ritual that improves hearing in a specific area)
  • Kstilish (god of hateing trees and the defense of shrubberies)


  • The Dwarf Worshippers are a cult of Elves who worship Dwarves. There are exactly 16 of them.
  • “She of teeth and blood” - a shark goddess, that I currently don’t worship but will upon the death of Firigin
  • The Faith of Qistis - never migrate, always eat square


  • Vili (spider queen, goddess of spiders and scars) (no longer worshiped- converted some Drow!)

We’re publishing details of Firigin’s knowledge of Inigo Sharpe’s continued existence.

Eli’s students founded a cult dedicated to the god of Stairs and Pools, Escala.

In the Dirthole cemetery there are a bunch of “Nedra”, which is an unknown name.

Documented the Lich King’s cemetery and made a set of tuning forks - traded to the Archmage’s agents for something for the vault - “A Compendium of Observed Ritual”

I need the code for the vault in Santa Cora, lock made by a Horizon based Locksmith, INIGO. FFS. INIGO.

Memorized some Dwarven marching songs

I’m working on cracking Qistis’s father’s journal cipher - remind Daryl

Combination is: blahblahblah