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  • Find who (or what) Inigo is, and get him to stop messing with EVERYTHING.
    • Resolved by throwing his head in the bay to become someone else's problem.
  • Might belong in minor, but whatever is going on with this whole Diabolist thing that Qistis and Kaelon seem to be "related" over.
  • The Elf Queen is known to have killed the white dragon and captured the Green Dragon. Annalana has a green dragon scale from the Elf Queen's realm and SHE WANTS TO RAIN JUSTICE ON HER HEAD. Source
    • Annalana sold this to some Dragonkin in exchange for a favor. Source
  • Annalana has been diagnosed with "terminal ectophagamy". Her memory loss is a symptom of her soul fading away or being otherwise being removed.


  • Princess Princesson has a journal of Annalana's as leverage. - Resolved with PP returning the journal to Annalana.
  • Open that pesky safe.
    • Safe opened by Elis
  • The Quistis assassination plots
  • We are on the Diabolist radar.
  • Finally get back to talk to Prince/Princess whatever their name is at the moment.
  • Qistis's father's journal is being decrypted by Elistheren
  • Leaves, as if they were letters or messages, keep visiting Elistheren. They're from trees
  • Annalana starts to regain memories but what she remembers doesn't match up with her journals. Who is she really?
  • Elistheren took a binding blood oath to kill the god Aramess
  • Elistheren has been incubating an Owlbeartross egg
  • Briarlings came to talk with us; we sent demons (fat Imp, Mr Eschew) after them, then Great Gold Wyrm soldiers after the rest of them.
  • Fix the stupid "Assassination" law in Eldolan
  • Kidnap Qistis's father?


  • Our investigative contract with the Archmage.
  • Find a suitable body for the skull.


  • Explore the growth of the god/goddess that Elistheren accidentally created in the Elven wood
  • Explore Qistis' extended family.
  • Story that bites Elistheren in the ass, as one of the gods he brought back becomes a scourge
    • Or he learned of a dead god that absolutely shouldn't be brought back
  • Explore what Kaelon's Order of Azrul is
  • Learn more about why Steinar was made. What his purpose was supposed to be. Perhaps that is different than he understands it?
    • What happens to Arminius (he disappears and becomes Steinar's shadow) when he gets angsty.
  • Explore WHY Annalana hates the Elf Queen so much.