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Utu Pratalong (ECL2)

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Logsheet Truenaming

Truenamer 3
NG Medium Elorii (Osalikene/Wind)
Deity Althares
Init +2; Senses: Low-light Vision; Listen +0; Spot +0
Action Points 4

AC: 16; Touch: 12; Flat-footed: 14
(+2 dex; +4 armor)
HP: 17 (3d6+3) Bloodied 8
Fort: +2, Ref +3, Will +3
+2 vs mind-affecting effects; +2 holy bonus vs fear
Immune Sleep and non-magical diseases

Speed: 40'
Melee: Longsword +3 (1d8 19×2) Masterwork
Ranged: Longbow +5 (1d8 20×3 / 100')

Alchemist arrow Round following a hit +1d4 fire unless targets uses a full-round action and passes a Reflex DC15 to put out the fire
Blunt arrow 1d8 nonlethal damage

Space: 5'; Reach: 5'; BAB: +2; Grapple: +2

Abilities Str 10 +0 | Dex 14 +2 | Con 12 +1 | Int 15 +2 | Wis 10 +0 | Cha 15 +2

  • Feats
    • 1: Elorii Bloodline You gain a 10-foot racial bonus to your base land speed. This gives you a base movement rate of 40 feet per round before any reductions due to armor or encumbrance. This bonus stacks with other increases to your base land speed, such as a barbarian’s Fast Movement extraordinary ability, as well as with any enhancement bonus to your movement rate.
    • 3: Skill Focus (Truespeak)
  • Skills
Acrobatics (Dex) (0 ranks)
Balance +2
Tumble (incl +2 racial) +4
Athletics (Str) (0 ranks)
Climb +0
Jump (incl +2 racial) +2
Swim +2
Animals (Cha) (0 ranks)
Handle Animal +2
Ride +2
Concentration (Con) (2 ranks)
Autohypnosis +3
Concentration +3
Craft (Int) +2
Skill (0 ranks)
Deception (Cha) (5 ranks)
Bluff +7
Disguise +7
Influence (Cha)(5 ranks)
Diplomacy +7
Intimidate +7
Heal (Wis) (0 ranks) +0
Inspect (Int) (0 ranks)
Appraise +2
Search +2
Legerdemain (Dex) (0 ranks)
Escape Artist +2
Sleight of Hand +2
Linguistics (Int) (6 ranks)
Decipher Script +8
Forgery +8
Mechanics (Dex) (0 ranks)
Disable Device +2
Open Locks +2
Notice (Wis) (0 ranks)
Listen +0
Spot +0
Perform: Oratory (Cha) (3 ranks) +5
Profession (Wis) (0 ranks) +0
Streetwise (Wis) (0 ranks)
Gather Information +0
Sense Motive +0
Spellcraft (Int) (0 ranks)
Psicraft +2
Spellcraft +2
Stealth (Dex) (0 ranks)
Hide +2
Move Silently +2
Survival (Wis) (0 ranks)
Survival +0
Use Rope +0
Use Magic (Int) (1 ranks)
Use Magic Device +3
Use Psionic Device +3
Knowledge (Nature) (Int) (2 ranks) +4
Knowledge (Arcane) (Int) (2 ranks) +4
Knowledge (History) (Int) (2 ranks; +3 Truenamer) +7
Initiative (n/a) (0 ranks)
Speak Language
Eloran, Low Coryani
Int: Altherian (Ancient Imperial), Ssethric
List languages purchased
Truespeak (Int) (6 ranks) +11

Immortality: Elorii do not age after reaching maturity, but they do continue to grow. An Elorii adds about one foot of height for each thousand years of life. Elorii cannot die from natural aging.

Rest: Elorii require two hours of uninterrupted meditation every night. Elorii spellcasters require four hours of uninterrupted rest to regain their daily allotment of spell slots.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency Proficient in the use of all simple and martial weapons and all armor and shields.

Proficient With Sword & Bow: All Elorii train constantly in preparation for the war of vengeance. As a result, all Elorii are proficient with the longbow, the long composite bow, the short bow, the short composite bow, the bastard sword (martial), the longsword, and the shortsword.

Skills: Due the aerial legacy gifted to them by Osalían, Osalikene Elorii gain a +2 racial bonus on all Tumble & Jump skill checks.

Knowledge Focus (Ex) (Selected Knowledge History) As a truenamer, you spend a great deal of time studying the world around you in an effort to learn new truenames. At the levels indicated on Table 3–2, you gain a permanent +3 bonus on a Knowledge skill of your choice. Each time you gain this ability, you can apply it to a different Knowledge skill, or to the same Knowledge skill, if you want to focus on a particular area of expertise.