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Truenaming d20+11

Inertia Surge

Level: 1

Duration: 1 round

Saving Throw: None

Normal: Your words free your target from many impediments, allowing her to slip from any constraints. You grant the target to act normally regardless of magical effects that impede movement as if he were affected by a freedom of movement spell (PH 233). This effect occurs automatically as soon as the utterance is spoken and lasts for 1 round. Impediments magically part or otherwise move to let your target pass, then return to normal in his wake.

Reverse: Your words cause black tentacles to grow from the ground and clutch at the feet of your enemy, preventing it from moving anywhere. A black tangle of wriggling force tendrils roots your target in place, rendering it unable to move. It can take actions normally; it just can’t move from the space it currently occupies.

Knight's Puissance

Level: 1

Duration: 5 rounds

Saving Throw: None

Normal: Your words show your ally a way to strike more accurately. Your target gains a +2 bonus on attack rolls as unseen forces guide his weapon to its target.

Reverse: By speaking the reverse of this utterance, you impede an enemy’s ability to strike. Unseen forces nudge your target’s blows off course. Your target takes a –2 penalty on attack rolls.

Word of Nurturing, minor

Level: 1
Duration: 5 rounds (normal) or instantaneous and concentration, up to 1 round (reverse)

Saving Throw: None

Normal: You speak a simple word of health, providing an ally with minor healing ability. You grant a creature fast healing 1. At the beginning of each turn, a green flash surrounds your target, who heals slightly.

Reverse: With this word, you cause your enemy to experience painfully bleeding wounds that spontaneously emerge. You unmake a portion of the subject’s being as you utter the reverse form of the life-giving words. You deal 1d6 points of damage to the subject as wounds appear across its body. If you concentrate for 1 round (a standard action), and the subject remains within range, it takes another 1d6 points of damage at the end of your next turn.