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Background in the form of song.

High Concept: Venerable cat sorcerer
Trouble: Protector to everyone

Aspect: Doesn’t trust Popeye
Aspect: Impossible to surpriseh
Aspect: Skilled tracker

Recap Aspect: Only doing this to be rid of Popeye.

Stress and Consequences

Stress Boxes 1 [ ] 2 [ ] 3 [ ]

Mild 2 empty
Moderate 4 empty
Severe 6 empty


  • Careful ??
  • Clever ??
  • Flashy ??
  • Forceful ??
  • Quick ??
  • Sneaky ??

Stunts and Extras

Because I am a Venerable cat sorcerer, I get a +2 when I use ________ (approach) to Create Advantage to create stationary wards of protection.

Because I am a Skilled tracker I get a +2 when I use ________ (approach) to Overcome when tracking prey.

Because I am a Protector to everyone, when an ally gains a Moderate or Severe consequence I may immediately grant that ally the aspect “Protective Ward”.