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Character Personality Questionnaire

  • Full name: Joseph "Brick" Steven Harris
  • Birth date: 10/20/1991 (20)
  • Birth order (eldest, second, youngest, etc.): He's the 2nd of 3 children with older sister Helen (21) & younger brother Dean (14).
  • Parents (or Guardian) and parent’s occupations as well as additional family information: His mother (Erin Harris) & father (George Harris) both work as laborers doing factory work.
  • Major childhood influences, traumas, events, emotional wounds: He has been offered what amounts to the lottery to him: a scholarship at a major college to play football.
  • Talents: Sports. He is a beast on the field in almost any sort of physical competition. Right now, he has chosen football as his sport of choice as it is considered by many, one of the few realms where men are truly the rulers.
  • Flaws, vulnerabilities: Brick is not just a nickname. He is dense to a fault.
  • Strengths: His sheer physical presence is intimating but is actually quite kind.
  • Religious affiliation/Patron Diety:
  • Attitudes, personality type–introvert or extrovert, optimist or pessimist: He is an extroverted optimist.
  • Primary relationships, marital status and capacity for intimacy: He is currently single.
  • Occupation: He is a student at WUoP on a football scholarship.
  • Education: He is studying to become a physical therapist with almost all his electives being in some sort of shop class or car repair class.
  • Taste in clothes: He has an extensive wardrobe of batman T-shirts. He even has a Batman tie that goes with his suit.
  • Food preferences: Simple at heart, his tastes in food is simple meat & potato type of dishes.
  • Health habits: He has an extremely good physical regiment that is enforced by the football team.
  • Recreation activities or hobbies: He listens to trendy hip-hop & alternative rock, tweaks his car to optimize it at all times, takes Hasselhofian Jui Jiitsu as recommended by his coach to gain dexterity.
  • Pets: None since the Walter the pig incident
  • Favorite possessions: He has a football signed by famous Confederate Football League player Joe Montana.
  • Mannerisms, expressions, gestures: His common introductory phrase is "Hey, yo!"
  • Worst physical trait: As far as he knows, none
  • Best physical trait: According to his coach, his extreme stamina.
  • Reason he or she is motivated: He is competitive & proud so a little easy to manipulate into competitions although he usually ends up on top.
  • 2 Enemies:
    • none
    • none
  • 2 Friends:
    • Rich - Captain of the football team. Charismatic, handsome, clever, and hardworking. From old world money.
    • "Slider"- Mexican. Does work only when pushed to do it. Reliable in a fight. Receiver on the football team.
  • Reactions under stress: He tries to find something that he can physically do to resolve the situation that is stressing him.
  • Lifestyle (poor, moderate, rich, luxury): moderate as his scholarship gives him a stipend that lets him live a comfortable life for a college student
  • Goals, long and short term: get a job in a football league (long), pass all his courses (short)
  • One sentence character summary: Stereotypical physical-only jock


His physical stats are strong because of his extreme amount of training. His mental stats suffer from the time he has dedicated to training his body. There is not an emphasis on mental activities from his family or the school.

He is majoring in physical therapy & hoping to get certifications as a mechanic through his non-core shop coarses so his class schedule is mostly physical education classes and various shop classes as his electives. His time in the auto machining shop & his love of cars explains his Driving & Mr. Fix-It stats. He has passed biology with heavy help from tutors & teachers who are told to make sure he passes his classes so he can play football. For his part, he is not super-intelligent (effective intelligent of 1), but he puts forth the effort to try to pass classes without a "sports player" curve being given to him.

His Attractiveness score & his natural hard working attitude are how I think he comes by his Influence of 2.

He belongs to the Epsilon Alpha fraternity. He was told early in his freshman year by Rich the football team captain that EA was the frat most sports team members end up joining (if they join a frat). A lot the other players joined so he did as well.

The coach notices that Brick has a seemingly infinite stamina & is experimenting with placing him in several positions on the team. (It explains Athlete, Jock, & high Sports skill.) This has made him pay attention better as he has watched how both offense & defense groups on the team work so he got a Notice skill boost. The coach found his dexterity surprising considering his size so he recommended that Brick take martial arts lessons do further develop his speed. Brick has taken Hasselhofian Jui-Jitsu for the last year. (I'm using this to explain Pugilist & Natural Toughness as well as his skills in Acrobatics & Kung Fu.) This training has also brought out his already competitive nature (explaining his Mental Problem with competition & Show-off). This along with his normal football training has made him in top form physically. (I'm using these to explain Fast Reaction Time & Quick Reflexes.)