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The following are items of note that the cast has found, organized by storyline.

About the size of an ostrich egg that radiates faint magic. Kept in James' safety deposit box.
Sold to Fe for $1,000
Broken by Nippy
Flora and Fauna of the isle of Mauritius
A book that contains a wealth of ornithological information as well as a ritual to bring forth Aves, a powerful guardian spirit/elemental of air from the isle.
Deep Blue's hard drive
Contains the essence of Deep Blue and his paramour, Rybka. Typically held by Becca.
Djinn picture
Djinn super.jpg
Moleskinne Notebook from Tim Wang
Contains a complex ritual to summon forth an air demon.
Sword of Destiny
Properties unknown
Spear of Longinus
Gained by defeating Quat Star
In Brick's possession.