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There is an Audition version of this Face

Brick.gif Brick: Chang is this little guy that started taggin' along with us after the Deep Blue thing. Back then, he seemed a little weasel-y like he'd play both sides. Later, I found out he was a Marvel comics fan so it all started making sense. DC all the way! WHOO!

Lately, he seems more okay & he does seem to have some cool connections around campus. He seems to have a thing for Becca which I'm all about helpin' out with.

  • Was possessed by Armis during Arms Race.
  • Tried to cut off Ilke's arm during the flashback in Iran So Far Away.
  • Ventured into the Nevernever with the cast during Egypted Me Off and was put down (but not dead) by a demon.

Becca.png Becca: Well I was thinking Chang was starting to be a hero, but then he ran. Well, he was cool to help track the alter.