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She is friends with Ghazi (the Djinn).

Brick.gif Brick: She's Gassy Al-ready's friend in the photo. We found her by finding her hobby of beekeeping at the Honey Pot. When we went to get her, her car got flipped & she told me to take care of Gassy's cat, Robin Williams.

Brick.gif Brick: We found out that she's with the Esteamed League, too! She's got this weird like going on with their enemies though, the vampire group. She's the one who made some sorta contract that turned all the gamer nerds into what they dressed up as. I was a little sad, that my costume didn't become real... Oh well, we got the contract torn up & the hall back to normal.

Brick.gif Brick: I found her in line for the last minute tickets for the Quat Star show! She was nice enough to lend me a blanket that she knitted herself! It's the nicest, fluffiest blanket like EVER! She's good at knitting.