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"Popeye" is the name given to the imp-like creature that made itself known to James while Posvar Hall was in chaos.

  • Loves Guitar Hero.
  • Has an iPod Nano
  • Wants a credit card
  • Called Nephidious by demons in the Nevernever during Egypted Me Off.
  • After James apartment was attacked by a Pizza Delivery Ettin, James mistakenly gave him permission to leave the apartment.
  • Smokes menthol cigarettes

Brick.gif Brick: Hey, yo! Popeye is a cool little dude that hangs with James. They've got a contract or something since fighting the vampire & werewolf gamers. He's killer at Guitar Hero & loves Corona. I'm more a Bud man myself, but eh, to each their own.

Apparently, he & Robin Williams hate each other. I don't know why but Robin hissed at him last time they saw each other... and that cat never hisses!

🎲 DM: Popeye was also played as a cast member for an episode.