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There is an Audition version of this Face

Brick.gif Brick: Hey, yo! Sharon seems okay for a cop. She hangs out at Brewed every once in a while, & she seems to know Becca. She drives a Gremlin that we used to go to the Honey Pot. Her ride sounds like it's slippin' a little between the 2nd & 3rd gear. I'll tell her that the school auto class will do all the work for the cost of parts if she wants to get that fixed. She also seems like she's got a little magic power. Man, sometimes it seems like everyone's magical in this town but me!

Brick.gif Brick: Over break, she agreed to help hone some of my already honed martial arts bad-ass-ness. She helped teach me to look in myself & summon up extra "Chi". To all you non-martial artists, that's spirit power! She also taught me to see with my Mime's Eye so I can see magical stuff!

  • Did a background check on the student who died during a fight at the Sticky Buffalo in Ra Ra Ra.