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Asian overachiever air elementalist villan.

  • Tried to kill Ghazi at the Presby
  • Fled to Kokomo, the Vegas of the Midwest, to a math competition
  • Was body slammed by Brick.

Brick.gif Brick: Hey, yo! This dude was a real piece of work. He tried to kill a Gassy when he was unconscious in the hospital. I don't exactly like Gassy cuz he tried to kill me, but no one should be killed like that! He then threatened to kill people in the hospital if we didn't let him go! I knew he had to be a bad guy. I tried to race him to the 1st floor when we let him get to the elevators, but he must have taken another exit out...

Brick.gif Brick: Hey,yo! We followed the guy to Kokomo. Man, that city is always happenin'. We found him on the roof of the hotel our school's math team had rented while stayin' for the math competition. He tried to fight us, but I beat the crap out of him. I may have gone a little overboard when I jumped down & Hulk-slammed him... I did call the hospital to pick him up before we left though.