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ūüé≤ DM The Brewed Awakening campaign is no longer using the Cinematic Unisystem rules. This page is kept for archival purposes.


Expect to work very closely with the Executive Producer during the character creation process. The Unisystem ruleset requires far more direct discussion than d20 systems.

About the Series

Brewed Awakening is a cinematic campaign of magic in the modern world and is heavily influenced by the book series The Dresden Files and the television shows Buffy, Angel, and Supernatural. Consider the phrase "Dirty Harry Potter".

Each character is one of the main cast of Brewed Awakening and has had their life somehow touched by the supernatural. This exposure runs the gamut from the good, a fae blessing, to the bad, surviving a werewolf attack. You are the actor that plays this role.

The centerpiece of the series is the occult coffee shop Brewed Awakening in Allegheny City. The shop is known in supernatural circles to have a reasonable library and a great cuppa joe and resides on the campus of Western University of Pennsylvania.


The stories about things that go bump in the night are more than just stories (except when they, um, are just stories). Specifics of the world is obfuscated by movies and books but you've heard of a group calling themselves the Paranet that seem to understand the truth of the matter.

Each actor is expected to help with building the world of the series. To that end the cast will work together to brainstorm the following‚ÄĒthemes, threats, locations, and faces.

Casting Call

Each actor will work with the exec producer and other actors to craft a cast member. This series will require a good dialogue between an actor and exec producer, as well as the other actors.

Your Story

Your cast member has been touched or influenced by the supernatural. More often than not this experience will be bad. During the character generation process the following questions will be answered:

  • How do you relate to the Brewed Awakening coffee shop and the university campus?
  • What supernatural event(s) shaped your life?
  • Why do you seek out the supernatural?
  • Whose path(s) have you crossed?

The lives of the cast are a combination of their choices and happenstance. To represent the quirks of the fates, certain parts of a cast member's history will be randomly generated during the character creation process.

The Mechanics

We will be using Cinematic Unisystem with converted magic systems from classic Unisystem. The core rulebook for the game will be Ghosts of Albion, though a custom PDF of rules will be provided to each actor.

Character point values (Will be reveal on chargen day)
Attributes ??
Qualities ?? (may gain up to ?? points in Drawbacks, for a total of ?? points for Qualities)
Skills ??
Drama Points ??

Purchase Cost At Character Creations

Points are spent using the following ratio pattern, (Point expenditure):(Additional rank gained). Examples are provided. Be sure to look at the modified and ban lists.

1:1 until rank 5, then 3:1 (ex. Willpower of 7 costs 11 points during chargen)
Rank 5 is human limit (bonuses may raise this to 6 but not beyond), rank 9 is the functional supernatural limit
A minimum of Rank 1 is required
Qualities & Drawbacks
Spend or gain the declared amounts
Prerequisites should be considered strong suggestions
If you have a idea not listed, talk with me and we'll figure out the mechanics
1:1 until rank 5, then 3:1 (ex. Crime of 7 costs 11 points during chargen)
Drama Points
During chargen drama points cost 1 point each.

Leveling Up

These are the costs in experience points once the campaign starts.

Next rank * 5, minimum 15
Original cost * 2
Some may not be purchased (due to being inborn qualities)
May be gained as part of plot (at no cost)
May be bought off using the original amount of points gained
May be gained as part of plot (with no point gain)
Purchase a new skill costs 5 points
Increasing a skill costs the new level * 2
Drama Points
One point may be purchased with two experience points