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DM-d20.jpg DM The Brewed Awakening campaign is no longer using the Cinematic Unisystem rules. This page is kept for archival purposes.

The series will use Cinematic Unisystem with some additional materials from classic Unisystem (mostly forms of magic). When multiple sources are involved, use the Ghosts of Albion version, unless ruled otherwise on this page.

Campaign Docs

The following files have been edited and reconfigured to make the system more manageable. They can all be downloaded as a single ZIP file here.

This covers what attributes mean and how to calculate Life Points
This contains a list of all the mundane qualities and drawbacks that a character can have. If you have an idea that isn't in this document, talk with the executive producer and we'll write it up.
1c-Supernatural Qualities
As above, except this is a collection of supernatural qualities and drawbacks.
This covers the skill list for the campaign. Feel free to invent your own skills, such as Barista, Tattoo Artist, Polka Dancer, etc. using the Wild Card skill.
2a-Magic-Philosopies New 24 Jun 2012
This covers the spellcasting system for Philosophies.
These are other magic systems which have conversions from classic to cinematic unisystem.
This covers most of what you'll need to know about the rules.
List of weapons (not a big list)
Handy four page cheat sheet for use at the table.

Experience Points and Advancement

  • For each session that you attend, even partially, your character gains 1 xp.
  • Contributing to an episode recap gains your character 1 xp.

I'm intentionally starting with low values. It is easier to correct upwards if things are going too slowly.

Qualities and Drawbacks


These are qualities and drawbacks that are modified.

  • Demon packages won't be "demons" but have another mystic origin. Discuss with Randy.
  • Hypnosis (from Angel), use Mesmerize from Ghosts of Albion instead.
  • Minority, use Angel version (not Ghosts of Albion)
  • Physical Disability, use Angel version (not Ghosts of Albion)
  • Resources, use Angel version (not Ghosts of Albion)

Magic interacts poorly with modern technology. As such, some qualities (such as the Magic Quality) will have unknown reactions with modern technology.


These are qualities/drawbacks that are not permitted for player use in the campaign due to flavor or balance reasons.

  • Flight
  • Ghost
  • Invisible
  • Peeler (not campaign flavor, use cop/detective instead)
  • Phantasm
  • Restless Spirit
  • Summoning
  • Revenant
  • Vampire


You can read the descriptions of various magic types at Brew:Rules/Unisystem/Magic (Descriptions). See Brew:Rules/Unisystem/Magic (Mechanics) or the campaign documents for rules information.


Additional Actions
Declared with other actions.
Occur after the first set of actions are resolved.
Each additional action gets a cumulative -2 penalty to all actions (when taken) and the Endurance die type increments.
Defeat isn't always death. Maybe you lose a limb or see your family killed. Generally, a consensus will be sought on the matter.
Dodges are infinite, but each past the first carries the extra action penalty (but the Endurance die stays a d4). Yes, this penalty will apply to following actions.

Wiki updating

  • Keeping your character sheet page up-to-date is mandatory. You play at the table with what is on the wiki character sheet.
  • Updating episode pages grants experience points. See above.
  • Contributing to Face (NPC), Critter, and Place pages gains the player +1 drama point for each reasonably significant edit.
  • Other campaign-related wiki edits may also yield rewards on a case-by-case basis.

Season 2 Changes and Modifications

With season 2 we are going to bring in a little more of classic Unisystem.

Two new attributes—Endurance and Essence

Endurance ([Str + Con + Will]×3 +5)
Endurance Points measure the character’s ability to withstand fatigue and exertion. Endurance Points use Constitution and Strength, as well as Willpower, taking into account that some people can push themselves past normal physical limits through sheer will power. The more Endurance Points a character has, the longer she can run, lift things, swim, and so on. As the character exerts herself, she starts losing Endurance Points. When Endurance Points are reduced below zero, the character eventually passes out from exhaustion. In some cases, light damage from non-lethal attacks is subtracted from Endurance instead of Life Points.
Hard Work (jogging): -1 point per ten minutes
Very Hard Work (running at top speed): d4(2) per minute
Frenzied Activity (intense close combat): d4(2) per Turn
For each additional action the die size of the Endurance loss is increased only for the additional action. For instance a d4 becomes d6, a d6 becomes d8, etc.
Once reduced to zero Endurance or less, a Survival test is required each round with a -1 penalty for every 5 points below zero.
Recovering Endurance happens after every half hour of sleep or hour of rest, regaining Endurance points equal to your Constitution.
Essence (Add all attributes together)
Essence is pure potentiality, a chaotic force that can spawn matter and energy in violation of all known physical laws. It is the stuff of our souls, a force of emotion as much as it is of reason. To work any number of metaphysical effects, Magic in particular, one must be able to weave Essence into the right matrix. Powers, Invocations, and rituals provide the mold into which Essence is poured. If enough Essence is summoned and used, and if no outside force is interfering with the ability, the desired effect takes place.
An essence pool may be expanded by spending 1xp for 2 additional points.
Essence fuels invocations and a variety of other magics.

Critical Hits and Fumbles

Firstly, there are no auto successes or failures in Unisystem. However the die can explode up or down.

  • When you roll a 1 on the die, roll again and subtract 5. If that number is negative, subtract it from 1 then calculate your result.
  • When you roll a 10 on the die, roll again and subtract 5. If that number is positive, add it to 10 then calculate your result.